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Negated Search operand for searchbar


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I have several RSS feeds that I look at in order to download the stuff I want. Sometimes, the number of torrents shown in the windows is too many, and finding the torrent I want is difficult. Recently, a new search torrent window feature was implemented where by typing a value in the search box, the window only shows torrents matching this string. This is great.

What I need is to have a way for the window to show the inverse of the search. This can easily be explained with a simple example with the following torrent list:







When I place [2010] in the search box, only torrent1 and torrent2 show up, and this is good. What I would like is to have a negation operand so that when I place [!2010], I would get torrent3, torrent4, torrent5 and torrent6 as the result.

Can this be implemented??

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