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CPU spikes


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Hi all,

I am using utorrent 3.3.2.

When downloading with download speeds more than 300-400 kb/sec I am experiencing stutters in the PC. Mouse and keyboard, video display, and games suffer from stutter.

Although the amount of CPU usage by utorrent executable does only go around %1-3, in the windows task manager I can see the total amount of CPU usage makes spikes like %10-15 from %10 to %20-25, this happens about every 7-10 secs and the spikes take a coupe of seconds. Although the CPU usage does not come near %100 during the spikes the computer is unusable. Videos jerks, sound stutter etc.

If anyone has any idea i would be grateful.

One thing, if I close utorrent of course it is fixed instantly. But when I run utorrent back it doesnt appear instantly. It takes sometime for the stutter to appear.

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