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Massive RAM consumption with system hang as result


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When I start uTorrent everything is fine, however when I start the downloads and wait a couple of seconds the system will start rapidly consuming my RAM (photo of the windows resource manager to be viewed here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6072059/20140203_174312.jpg).

When this happens uTorrent instantly becomes unresponsive and I can't shut down it's process (access denied message), also any applications that use internet lose their connection, shutting down or restarting windows doesn't work either, the system will just hang and show the shutting down / restarting screen without actually doing anything.

I am downloading 2 torrents which are each > 35GB in size (files of 8GB don't cause any problems), download speeds don't exceed 1MB/s each (they don't get the chance to get higher).

I tried disabling both the Windows disk cache system and the uTorrent caching but the problem still occurs.

I also ran chkdsk but no errors were found, the dell system diagnostic tool didn't find any system hardware errors either.

I have a Dell Inspiron 17R SE running Windows 8.1 x64, this problem occured just today, before I had no trouble at all downloading large® torrents.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm checking the disk check now. If anyone could let us know how much to increase the disk cache it be helpful. I bumped it to 240 mgb seems to be working so far, just waiting on a crash to happen. By the way Just setting it to manuale will not work but increasing it might. Dont know if 240 will be too much or too little. We will see if I get a crash. Now off to play new vegas while I wait. :) As soon as I notice a crash I will update otherwise I'm going to let it run a few days just to be sure. If all goes well I will update that it worked then.

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Its better but still having issues on close I should of checked that first. It hangs but no where near as bad so I dont have to manualy end process but it does hang, program No response closes process still open then it closed. 198 mgb vs 30 in the process. So better but not a great fix. I'm going play around with some things. Hopefully I dont break anything. I'm tird of waiting. Let you know what I come up with.

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bump, anyone?


haven't been able to fix this problem so far and it's still a major issue.


EDIT: Just tested it again, feeling slightly optimistic, doesnt instantly crash but the "modified" bar (as seen in the screenshot in my first post) seems to increase as the download speed increases (roughly 1MB per 1KB/s) so I'll keep an eye on it and update this post as it progresses.


EDIT: Nevermind, just had the same issue again, just took a while for it to occur, problem not solved.

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Still happening and it's very annoying.


I read things about windows disk cache maybe has to do with it? Advice anyone?

I'm willing to try every kind of change in settings by now (but please don't start throwing random ideas if you have no idea what it does or if it might help)


EDIT: Fixed it! more about it in a new topic (in case uTorrent wants to sticky it so they have a nice clean post to sticky) visit topic

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