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Seeding forever


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I recently added a 3tb drive dedicated to seeding. To seed forever, do I just set my seeding limit to some ridiculously high value (its currently 150). Say something like 999. If a torrent hits the seeding limit, does that mean it will no longer seed at all and people cant grab the torrent from me?

Also, in order to seed lots of files, I have set the "Maximum number of active torrents" to 250. I haven't noticed any problems, but is that the right way to do it? Is it safe to increase that to say 750?

I suspect 3TB wont last long :(



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As long as you leave the "When μTorrent reaches the seeding goal" box unticked you will never stop seeding.

The number of torrents you can seed effectively depends on your upload bandwidth. You have a finite amount of upload speed which has to be divided by the number of torrents being seeded, therefore the more torrents you seed, the slower the upload speed for each torrent becomes. The Setup Guide in Options should be able to set appropriate limits for your connection.

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Thanks for your reply.

Darn! I really wanted to give back to the community.

My upload speed is 0.90 Mbps, so 70% of that is 0.63 Mbps / 80Kbps, which is pretty bad I know.

So maybe I better leave it at 150%, and leave the "... reaches seeding goal" checked so that they stop and make way for other torrents to be seeded.

At least that will be better than just leeching continuously.

With the number of torrents set at 250 is there any way to control which torrents get seeded first, or is it on a first in - first out basis?

1.0 Mbps uploads is pretty much the most poor Aussies can get... So far behind the rest of the world... :|

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I must be thick, because I dont get what the

3000 gig hard drive is for

Ok you need a place to put your file , then you create a torrent

that links to that file.

Then of course you must leave that file exactly where it is

but 3000 gig ! that huge, thats 3000 movies

just how much stuff are you sharing on the web ?

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1. No you're not thick, I just don't seem to be able to explain things to clearly.

2. I have a server with 23 TB of storage. But it gets turned off at night, so utorrent was losing its connection to the torrents. So I put a 3TB drive in my computer so I can seed continuously. It gets turned off at night, but because the drive is local, utorrent doesn't lose the torrent. When it's turned back on the seeding continues.

3. Typical torrent size is 5GB, that's about 580 torrents. (some small, lots of large, even up to 40+ GB)

4. No, I'm not creating the torrents. These are stuff I'm downloading. Typically, with my slow upload speed I was sharing back maybe 10% of the torrent. That's not healthy, so by adding the drive into my computer I can seed longer, and try to give back more than I take.

5. However, where I find myself now is trying to spread 80 Kbps upload speed between 250 torrents. Torrents are typically getting less than 1.0 Kbps each. If I lower the number of active torrents, to say 50, then 200 of them go into queued seed.

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