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Upload ratio bug?


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Having fixed the download stats to report 0 bytes when starting, shouldn't it also report upload as 0 bytes? If I restart a torrent I see this uploaded=140804096&downloaded=0&left=0 isn't that adding an extra 140804096 bytes to my upload, or have I miss understood what it's doing?

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i tried this client for seeding just now...

FYI, its on a private tracker...

after seed for 2-3hours, the transfer column under general tab shows

157mb uploaded,

so, i did update tracker, and refresh the user details(on my tracker site)..

but, it only move from 33.30GB to 33.40GB....

it supposed to be 33.45GB at least, right??

do utorrent hav DHT function also??

another thing...

i think the uploaded/downloaded counter at the general tab should reset every time we STOP the process...

then only we can know what to expect when updating the ratio

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This issue is still present - here is a quote from a tracker mod:

"I just found one row that reported 16384 PiB of download in a single entry, and it was the 1.1.1 dev build, too."

Hopefully the devs have a small in-house tracker set up to try and test and fix this kind of issue, because huge ratio errors are a big problem for bittorrent users due to the tit-for-tat download system.

If this does get fixed up then uTorrent looks to be an awesome program. And considering the small amount of actual dev time, issues like these should be no surprise. That said, I think the builds still have enough bugs to be considered pre-release quality at the moment and should probably all be labled as such -- not just 1.1.1 dev.

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