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Client not respecting trackers minimum announce interval


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Client not respecting trackers minimum announce interval, Ignoring for 1730 seconds is a message I receive from Aradi Tracker for a particular torrent. Is this a bug or a configuration problem?

I have moved to the latest beta of 1.5 becaose I am am fed up of 1.5 crashing.

I have no conficting applications - I did remove Kasperski anti hacker because it put my CPU upto 100%. I use Nod32 and Adaware.

My system is XP SP2 on a 600Mhz PIII with 250MB Ram and it work well.

When 1.5 crashes some torrents that have been downloaded 100% sometimes decide they have lost a bit. Is this normal and has it been fixed in the beta.

I love the app but hate the crashes.

Waiting for the next one :)



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I'm a uploader ( purely GPL stuff Linux distros etc. lol) on the site above that should prolly not have been mentioned.

The tracker coders have implemented some anti-hammer script or other and ut continually triggers that annoying "Client not respecting trackers minimum announce interval, Ignoring for 1730 seconds" crap when I'm seeding only (it does it to many others while d/l'ing )

The official party line is that ppl are hammering the tracker with manual announces, this I never do. for me It only seems to happen on torrents with 200+ leechers and above 800kB/s and gets very prevalent at over 3000-5000kB/s. I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about the announce protocol, but as I think I understand it the tracker controls the announce interval for the client?? Or is there a way to increase the interval in ut so as not to trigger this ignore (very rude) crap.

As far as I can tell the tracker is still recording stats correctly during the ignore phase, so my only real bitch (since I never d/l ) is the damn error message and the red up arrow, speed and peer connections seem unaffected.

I'm using 1.5.1 beta 460 on a win2003 server

Any light you could shed on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

P.S.: I love ut and would never consider going back to another client.

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I did a little more observation on this error and here is what I found:

So I am seeding a torrent and it is getting the error. I look at the status and it is going to update in another 2 minutes so I sit and watch it. It updates and is ok, no error. I says it will update again in 59:59 and counting. I sit and watch it and find that at 3 minutes in (56:59) it updates! There is the problem! Even though the client is saying it will update in an hour, it is updating in 3 minutes.

Is there any way for me to tell why it is updating early? Or can someone get a debug version and instructions on what to look for to see why this is happening? The way I understand the announce interval is that the client updates, and part of the trackers reply is the interval for the next update. If that is true, and the above tracker is saying 1 hour, why is uTorrent updating in 3 minutes anyway. If that is not correct, why would uTorrent say it won't update for 1 hour, then do it in 3 minutes?

I am using XPx64 and uTorrent 1.5.1 b463 (but have had the problem with all of the versions of the beta I have used).


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