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Port forwarding with a D-Link DSL-564T


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Ok, first to say im completely new to this and i dont have a clue how this router thing works.

I´m trying to set up utorrent with my router, first i looked a this portforwarding.com page, but my router isnt listed there, there isnt a similiar router, at least none with a similar interface then mine.

Now, my problem.

I cant find out what the "port start", "port end" and "port map" utorrent uses and the protocol (i think its TCP, am i right?) and at last the "rule name" is.

The anyone here withthe same router "D-Link DSL-564T" who would help me out?

thx so far

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D-Links make crappy routers. I'd suggest you switch. At any rate, if you're going to stick to it, you'll find the port used in Preferences > Network... use that as the start and end, I guess. And µTorrent uses TCP, but UDP if you're using DHT. Rule name doesn't matter, it's for you to recognize, and has no impact on how it works.

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