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3.4.1-30740 increases line spacing 35% - is there a way to revert?


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Updating from uTorrent 3.4.0-30660 to 3.4.1-30740 increases the line spacing 35% in the torrent jobs list pane is the main window.

The font seems to be the same as 3.4.0-30660 but the spacing has increased.

I thought that the Status progress bars might have gotten thicker and caused the spacing increase but removing the Status column doesn't change the spacing.

Is there any way to go back to the denser jobs listing with 3.4.1-30740?

Or, could the denser view be added as an option in a future release?

Thank you

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Higher line spacing is still there in utorrent 3.4.1 30888 and there doesn't seem to be a Preference or Advanced Option to revert to the more compact line spacing from 3.4.0 30660 and earlier.


It's too bad having to stick with 3.4.0 30660 to have a usable UI while current versions are getting bug fixes and new features.

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