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Limiting number of Pieces of Blocks being downloaded at a time?


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Please See this Picture to understand my big Problem




as u can see there is a list of pieces how to limit this list for example 3 or 5 only
i want to control number of downloading pieces

because my computer sometimes if any power failure occurs i lose several Mbs of data and hence the same pieces of data is re-downloaded again,

Can u please tell me how to reduce the number of pieces of blocks that are downloaded at a time..as when there are around 50 pieces being downloaded at the same time and if power goes off i lose many MB of data and have to re-downloaded again the wasted hashfails
any suggestion appreciated, Thanks


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The Problem is not the Power Failure only, 

If I click on Stop Torrent, it sometimes make Re-Check and lose all pieces of blocks, and re-download them again,

only Pause Option don't have this problem of Re-Check, but you removed the bottom in the upper toolbar,

so I have to click on right click by mouse and click on Pause,

Why did you remove that bottom? 

also if the utorrent is Working and Downloading, and I forget and shutdown the Computer before I Pause all Downloading Torrents, the same problem happens like Power Failure,

it Re-Check and lose all pieces of blocks, and re-download them again,

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