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RSS feed problems


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I'm using uTorrent 3.4.1 and trying to get rss feed downloads working but with no luck :(

Every time I add a feed the icon to the left of the URL name, the alias remain the same and the feed stays empty (excluding the isohunt feed which is the least useful anyway and the YIFY rss which gives me an invalid bencoding message).


The other day I deleted a load of feeds I was testing and got a crash logs error kind of thing and restarted utorrent and one of the feeds worked :D but ever since the feeds have still been really temperamental still having some of the same problems as before.


Any ideas how to fix this/ some feed people are using that defiantly work/ a way to fix the bencoding issue?


Any ideas would be appreciated :D 

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The bencoding one is now irrelevant as I am not using those rss feeds anymore but the one where it doesnt seem to be updating has no error message.

After it gave me the message about the crash log/ dump report it seemed to work fine. The other day I restored my computer to factory settings, re-installedeverything and am back to having the same problem (using the previously working rss feeds) :( 

Now I also cant use the torguard torrent ip test because it said target machine is actively refusing the connection.

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