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uTorrent 3.4.1 constantly crash my wifi, and switch back to 3.3.2 solve the problem


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Today, uTorrent auto upgrades to 3.4.1, and since then, I can not keep my wifi working for more than half an hour. Reset wifi adapter (by windows diagnosis or just on/off the adapter) will keep wifi working for another 30 mins, and then network crashed again.


Attached is the "updates" folder in my uTorrent Roaming folder. I think there are some mis-calculation about network transmission in 3.4.1. I just switch back to uTorrent 3.3.2, and everything seems ok. I have not seen any similar bug reports here (I expect to see 'many' bug report, for I got this problem immediately after upgrade), so I am not sure if my pc is just a special case.


Should I provide any information to help you diagnose these problem? One thing needs to be mentioned: I have two network adapters, and I assign "net.bind_ip" property in advanced settings. I guess that may be the singularity case that missed.


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