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uTorrent hogging bandwith after update to 3.4.1


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Last night uTorrent requested update to 3.4.1 (build 30740). After update however uTorrent hogs the bandwith and affects the LAN by increasing latency in games from other computers. Issues start to be really noticable when 2+ simultaneous downloads unregarding what speed it is downloading at. Prior to the update I could run 5 downloads simultaneously without any issues. Previous updates have just picked network settings with them from old versions, now I have toyed around with some settings (mainly limiting simultaneous downloads, double checking settings which get a pass in test).


Also when checking for updates in-app I get message that there are no new updates, however the stable client for download at main page is 3.4.1 build 30768. Whats up with that?


Any suggestions?

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