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Add a progress indicator during file pre-allocation


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Althouth that I have in Preferences>General the "Pre-allocate all files" checkbox unchecked

I've noticed in my laptop using the Process Monitor tool,

that file pre-allocation is done all the time:

especially while starting a large file download, eg. a 5 GB .mkv

this file pre-allocation procecure is very noticeable:

it takes some minutes to complete, and, during that time, task manager shows Disk activity to 100%,

and computer performance slows down until this finishes. (afterwards, it goes to normal, 2-3% again)

The utorrent's help file confirms this:

Pre-allocate all files tells µTorrent to create and fully allocate every file you select to download immediately after starting the torrent job. Note that this option does not have an impact on hard drive fragmentation (advantageous or otherwise), as µTorrent already allocates each file upon writing to disk even without this option.


So I'd suggest to add a progress indicator while this happens,

i.e to change temporarily the relevant torrent job status from "Downloading x %" title into "Pre-allocating files y%"),

while the pre-allocation occurs.


An indicator that pre-allocation is currently being done

would inform you that the aforementioned behavior is a normal/expected task.

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