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Normally I keep all my uTorrent downloads stored in an external hard-drive. I plug the ext-hd into my PC (usb port) after my PC has booted up. To-day I went through the usual procedure but also added a USB stick with a view to copying some files from the ext-hd to the stick.

Before doing this I opened uTorrent with a view to re-naming one or two files only to see that every file had turned from green to brown with the message 'Error-Files Missing from Job' or 'Error-Former Volume Not Mounted'.

Now, I've came across the 'Error-Files Missing From Job' message before and usually it's just a case of right-click then start and the file turns green again.

But this time I can't seem to get the files underway again.

I'm convinced that the introduction of the USB stick had something to with this but the question is, is there a way to get the files seeding and downloading again ?

Now, as an experiment I tried to download a file only to see that uTorrent is not working at all. I get the same messages even with new files.

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The USB stick you put in took the drive letter of your external.

Re-assign the drive letters back using disk management and then right-click each of your offending torrents and force a re-check

Why did the USB stick do this ? 

Also, how do I go about re-assigning the drive letters using disk management ? (I don't even know what 'drive-letters' are)

Basically I don't know how to access this disk management and once there I wouldn't know how to re-assign the drive-letters.

Please excuse my ignorance.

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I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. This example is for Windows 7. I use Windows XP Home. I guess what I'm asking for is a step-by-step guide. Please stick with me on this.

More info. I got as far as Admin Tools (I think) and there was absolutely nothing there. Empty.

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