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Hey everyone, 

So I'm new to the torrent world and am having some trouble with seeding.

I've recently downloaded some torrents and I would like to seed them but I've encountered some problems. 

Once the torrent downloaded I moved the downloaded file, not the torrent to another location to organize things. Once I moved these the torrents stopped seeding. I did not move the original torrent files and I can't locate these. My Utorrent is telling me they are in a UTorrent file which I can't find in my finder or anywhere else. I tried changing the root directory and they don't move to the new directory I created. 

I don't know what to do but I'd love to re-seed these files and find the original torrent locations. 

I guess my questions are:

How can I avoid this in the future while needing to move my files for organization ? and 

How can I find the original torrents or get them to start seeding again? 

Any and all help is greatly appreciated :) 

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