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No information on UTorrent screen is populating except on left sidebar


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Hi I'm rather new to this forum but I have used uTorrent plenty of times to know that something is not right. I may not have all of the terminology correct so please bare with me. 


I downloaded a file today, it showed up on the sidebar under "TORRENTS" and next to "Downloading". Once it was complete it populated the title of the completed file under "LABELS". Now typically when I'm downloading I can see the activity in the "General" tab where it reads: 





Time Elapased:           Remaining:        Wasted:

Downloaded:               Uploaded:          Seeds:

Download Speed:        Upload Speed:    Peers:      (Etc...........) and so on


I cannot press the "Start", "Stop" or "Remove" buttons, and have no idea why any of this is happening. 


I have a Mac


 Operating system: OSX  version 10.8.5

- uTorrent: Version 1.8.4 (29682)

- ISP: 192.168.(do I need to put the whole ISP?)

- UPnP (i am not familiar with this. But I do know that being I have not changed anything since the last time I used uTorrent it's at whatever setting it should be at)

- Firewall: OFF


I am getting absolutely no error messages. Nada.


From the browsing I've done so far it appears as though nobody has had this happen. It would not be so bad if I could just delete them after the download is completed but I cannot even do that. How do I get the functionality to come back? It's just a skeleton right now that will download (and only 2 downloads worked 100%, the other 3 I attempted only gave me 15% of the files but it could have been that they were not done. Who knows, I have nothing to see other than the sidebar. shrug. Help...?


Yours truly,


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