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1.1.6 seeding files downloaded by BitComet


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I finished downloading some files (~700MB) by BitComet and then used utorrent to seed

when I opened the .torrent file in utorrent, it checked the files for some time, but then it didn't connect to the peers/trackers, it just kept changing the tracker list

So I stopped and restarted the torrent then everything was fine 8)

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The user interface alternates between each trackers it's connecting to. It's not an ideal solution, but for the time being it will have to do. It doesn't "switch" between the trackers, though. It's only a display thing.
i was not talking about the tracker list

utorrent was not connecting to the peers/trackers (the two computer icons in the system tray was not blinking) and the "Update In" field was empty

I had to stop utorrent and restart to make it connect

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