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ISP adds new tracker to every torrent !


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I wasn't sure if this is the right section of forum for posting this, so I have to apologize beforehand for any inconvinience.


anyway, as said in topic title, whenever I start to download a torrent, a certain tracker adds to the tracker list of my torrent:


and if I remove it, the next time I resume downloading that torrent, this tracker automatically adds to the tracker list !

I'm from iran and my isp is sabanet : www.sabanet.ir


I want to know if this has happend to anyone with their ISP's, and if there is a way to get rid of it ?


thanks in advance

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thank you, that was a very helpful link, and I disabled isp.bep22 and the tracker was gone :D

As you said "...if done correctly..." , but I doubt it because my download speed is half of what it used to be !
I'm  curious, if this option is done correctly, and  I'm downloading some torrent that I'm sure other people are downloading in my area, shouldn't the peers of the tracker that have been added by isp, be more than 1 peer ?

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