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Possibly Capped Speed - Very Confused!


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Hi there, new to the forums :)


I've just set up uTorrent on my new network and all is running beautifully with much higher speeds than before. I'm hitting 1.3MB/s comfortably and loving it. 


Or at least, I WAS loving it until my friend came over with his laptop (not a very good one I might add) and started hitting >3MB/s on the same network in uTorrent. He was wireless while I was plugged in through ethernet. I thought initially it may be the torrent so I tried the same one, with once again the speed maxing out at 1.3MB/s.


It looks very much like a cap, as the speed shoots up very quickly when resuming a download and then hits the 1.2/1.3MB mark and just stays there. My friends uTorrent was a brand new install with nothing seeding. I tried updating uTorrent and have been through the preferences many times with no success.


Anyone have any ideas? 


Thanks everyone

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