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File not found error


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I have the same problem. Download is beginning, until the tablet does not go into standby mode. When I turn it on to see how many percents of downloaded file, I see the error - file not found! May be when tablet is in standby mode was long time, the mobile internet is turned off?(How fix it?) Android 4.4.2.(no root) Tablet Asus TF303CL. The path download - MicroSD 32GB (ExFat). Internet HSPA+. I apologize for my English.

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same problem here. im using torrent files downloaded from pc. magnet takes forever. file not found error usually occurs when i stop the wifi of the phone and downloading is not paused. im using android 4.0.4 and utorrent 2.23.54 build 34916. this started to happen,starting from the latest update of utorrent.



pausing a download before disconnecting from the internet does not help. 




my internal memory (2GB total) would easily be filled if i store files in it which are usually bigger than 2gb. that is why i use to save in an sdcard.

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I'm sure this is an allocation code issue. Something must happen during the download that does not save the downloaded data to the file correctly and ends up deleting it. This must be related to the fact that the app doesn't have the recheck option to resume the file correctly after a startup or a manual check.

The bittorrent app also has this issue and so far I have stopped using utorrent. I changed to Vuze and everything seems to work correctly as I haven't experienced this issue in my 6 first downloads (with utorrent the issue happens almost 50% of the times or more).

I won't be using utorrent until a new version fixes this problem.

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I sent following mail to utandroid+feedback@bittorrent.com


Combined feedback for two devices.


Device Model: samsung GT-I9300I
Android OS: 4.4.4
Screen Size: 1280 x 720
Screen Density: 320


Device Model: samsung SM-P601
Android OS: 4.4.2
Screen Size: 1600 x 2560
Screen Density: 320


Hello Utorrent, 
This updated torrent app lags lot. My current downloading job is not being displayed in 1st attempt of opening app. I have to close & restart app to have view of listed torrent files. One serious issue is that my torrent downloaded data goes missing if I paused my download. If its downloaded between 2% or 99% & if I pause it & close my utorrent app then my all downloaded data is gone. When I reopen app I see torrent file missing. Same happened in µTorrent 2.23.54

I have attached screenshot of bug persistent on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition SM-P601 Android 4.4.2 & Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo Android 4.4.4.

Please clear this bug in your next update, due to this I'm unable to pause my download nor able to exit app during download. I'm facing lot of inconveniences.

Looking forwards towards prompt troubleshooting of this bug.


Thank you.


Attachments of screenshot when files went missing during pausing or resuming job-










Today my 100% downloaded files went missing immediately after completion of download, this happened with two downloading job.

Here are screenshots.








This problem now persist even after completion of download, so unwilling I have to stop download through android app, I use net at speed of 50KB/ps so it take 8-9hrs to download 1gb & if I'n losing my hard earn data & time in one flash then I better stop using app for downloading. Download location is default on internal storage, device has sufficient free space. But still jobs goes missing randomly. I think may be some Junk file clean up app would be deleting those incomplete files which are under process of download. But this didn't happened until last few updates.


Windows utorrent is stable. Recent updates of adding media library in android app is never used. Why some one would use those features when we have dozens of popular media player in Google Play store. Please utorrent developers keep this app simplistic, don't over do it. Its spoiling the charm of being Small but powerful.


If links don't work or images are not seen then let me know.


Please Forum member find solution to this problem.

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