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speeds slow, is it this error?


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I have been reading the boards for two days now and as I am not tech minded 99% of the solutions offered to slow speeds go over my head.

Here is my problem:

Everything seems to working correctly, ie green light goes on from amber after a short time.

I have not altered any of the recomended stettings.

Torrent IS downloading and uploading but awfully slowly. I downloaded a 307MB torrent which took around 44 hours spread over 5 days.

The typical speeds I am getting are between 0.5kB/s - 4kB/s down and 1.2kB/s - 9.5kB/s up

I have a 1MB cable modem connection which happily gives me 85kB/s - 135kB/s downloading stuff from places like tucows etc.

I have tried various different torrents and speeds are pretty much constant.

This error message is under the "logger" tab on the control panel:

[20:58:48] Unable to map UPnP port to

Does this mean that the "autoforwarding" has not worked and that I must somehow forward a port myself? If so I fear this is probably beyond my abilities.

Some other info which may help:

I have tried with and without Zone alarm running, no difference.

I have tried with and without my Anti Virus running, no difference.

I am using Win XP on a 3 GHz AMD based system with 1 GB RAM

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Don't worry about the upnp, the green light indicates that the port you're using is open anyway.

Have you used the speed guide?

Also, zone alaerm can be disruptive, even when turned off, try uninstalling it

How many Seeders/leechers are there in the swarm?

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