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3.4.2 build 34309: Force starts causing router overload?


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I had 3500 torrents seeding on 3.4.2's previous stable build.  To update to build 34309 and manage the restart of the torrents, I stopped all the torrents then upgraded.  I restarted torrents in label groups, Force starting the groups to avoid the queueing that would extend the restart to hours.  But, I noticed that when I Force start groups of 100 or more torrents at a time, it immediately knocks out internet on both wired and wireless connections.  The machine with utorrent is wired, and I can't even get the router cleanly at that point.  My phone, connecting wirelessly, sees the router, but can't make outbound connections through it.  I haven't had this problem with any previous build of utorrent but this seems to be the cause of the connectivity problems I've been having today.  Too coincidental that the net goes down whenever I try to start torrents.  I'm using a Trendnet AC1900 router. 


EDIT 3: It's a hardware problem, as it took a larger number of torrents to cause the issue with 34024, but it happened anyway.  I wonder if this has to do with how I tried to foward the ports.  Off to talk with tech support for the router.  :(

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