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Hey Community,


I just joined this forum because I'm yet another victim of constant "connecting to peers" status for all my downloads. After a week of trying every solution I could find online and no luck I'm writing this in hopes of assistance. I was living in Fremont with Comcast Cable, downloading for three years, no problems at all. Then I move to San Jose still using Comcast, but now I can't download anything. I'm not very computer savvy when it comes to the technical stuff related to downloading. The bandwidth, trackers, connections etc. is beyond me. But I've made some attempts to fix the problem. One thing that's changed since my move is I'm now using a Comcast issued modem/router whereas before I was using a netgear wireless router. Also, I went to parents house, where they have Comcast as well (with an aftermarket router) and all my downloads started up right away. That leads me to believe its not a Comcast problem but maybe a modem problem. I'm using AVG free antivirus software but I've always used AVG. 


Solutions I've tried so far:


Uninstalling utorrent and redownloading.


Disabling AVG antivirus.


Deleting resume.dat and resume.dat.old with utorrent closed and then starting downloads again.


Enabling UDB tracking support.


Tried downloading extremely popular movie from kickass.to with thousands of seeds and no luck with it. 


Can someone please assist me. I'll need a pretty thorough step-by-step guide but I will be eternally grateful. I'm an accounting major and I'm trying to download Becker CPA exam prep from kickass.to. This is an important download for once. Not just a movie or book or album but something I could utilize for my career. That reminds me. One of the Becker CPA exam prep downloads worked the other day. Just one, and the other three won't download. In fact nothing will download.







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