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uTorrent Bundle doesn't download


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Hi to everyone!


I Always used uTorrent with torrent files downloaded from web, and now I wanted to try that integrated "BitTorrent Bundle".


I choose a download, I "subscribe" with my email to unlock "Premium Bundle", the I click on Download. uTorrent said to me "Your download has started", but in torrent tab there are not downloads!! How can i download from Bundle? Thank you.



I'm using uTorrent 3.4.2 build  36615 [32 bit] on Windows 8.1 .


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Oh, I get it. At least you can get the files if there's a Bundle that you really want.


I'm escalating this to the uTorrent team. This is a high priority issue, so expect the fix probably in the next 2 releases.

Nice :).This issue you are putting as high priority.What about rating feature which always show 0 rating and what about stop button which never stops in queue seed.What about update tracker, You cannot update single tracking by right clicking on tracker.It always greyed out.These issue are low priority issue for because its not a part of bundle 

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