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Headache: Changing Seed Location??


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I moved my downloads folder to my new harddrive (different file path). 

it has been a nightmare trying to get all of my torrents to link up and seed again. 


in uTorrent they all say "error disk removed..."

I have been right clicking on them "Advanced>Set Download Location" and choosing the new location. Then right clicking again and "Force Re Check". This sometimes works. I do this for a group of 10 or so at a time. It takes a surprisingly long time to "recheck" and when I come back later, about 3 out of 10 are seeding properly. The rest still have the error, or say "stopped". I press "Force Re Check" again on the stopped ones and it still says "stopped".

I come back to the computer later and try the process again and might get another couple working...... at this rate its going to take all year.


surely im not the first person to change the location of their downloads!  ;-)


what am I missing?




OSX 10.8.5

uTorrent beta 1.8.6


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