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Seeding and Speed Problem


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Hello I am new to the forms, so I am sorry if I post this in an incorrect away.


I have been torrenting for a while now, and have never really ran into speed problems. Lately I been off to college, and in college we are not allowed to torrent, so I have not torrented in almost 3 months. I came back home and decieded to torrent a couple things, which have a good amount of seeds, but when ever I try It never downloads, and takes forever to seed. I have been torrent at home, my usual place, where things use to download well, and I have even tried my aunt's place, where I use to torrent and the same problem it takes forever to seed/start, and when it starts downloading I never get speeds past 100kbs. I use to get close to 1mb. I still have the same internet provider with the same plan. I've tried just about everything I can think off, and even tried suggestions on this forms, but nothing seems to work for me. I would like some suggestioning on what could be the problem.



















































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What version/build number (X.X.X.xxxxx) of uTorrent are you using?

List what you've tried so far.


I am running the latest beta version of utorrent, and as far as suggestions.


I have done the basics like unplugging and plugging back in my router, and even swapped out routers before. I have tried different internet providers.

I have also done the whole speed guid thing on that has been posted on the form. I have tried swappig to other torrent downloders, what I have no tried, and I been told to work was getting an older version of utorrent. I will try that next.

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The latest version should work fine (see private message).


You could try rafi's settings.dat file to see if that helps or not.



But as you have tried other ISPs, routers and torrent clients to no avail, maybe it's a computer problem (firewall, anti-virus, other security software, malware, virus etc.).


Maybe someone with a bit more know how can suggest someything else...

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