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DuckieTV: TV Show Tracker with uTorrent / BitTorrent integration via Torque API


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Over the past year i've been teaching myself Angular.js by building a TV-Show calendar Chrome extension/standalone app, and in the process i've reverse engineered the 'Torque' / BtApp.js API, so that now I can have a real-time connection to uTorrent/BitTorrent connection from Angular.js




It has several neat features for series freaks like trakt.tv integration, marking multiple episodes as watched, several integrated torrent search engines and much much more 




There's also a still largely unstyled interface to utorrent that can execute the methods like streaming with default player when it detects a compatible file format:



And blocking-resilient torrent searches on multiple engines:



All of this runs serverless, on your own computer, without any tracking code, on web tech :)


Let me know what you think  :)



DuckieTV is available in the Chrome Web Store (You can either have it replace your 'new tab' page or add a browser button) and as standalone app via github

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