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utorrent is not respecting the "store .torrent files in" option


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version beta 463

ok I have mutiple hard drives and some drives carved up into mutiple partitions

when I use the option to load torrents from a folder Z:\anime\torrents\test then after they are loaded I uncheck the load torrents option and then I set the download location and force a recheck

(because I keep the files in folders not always in the download destination drives folder)

everything goes ok 778+ torrents load (I stopped relinking the torrents and the downloaded files after 120~)

untill I restart utorrent or windows, then I get errors on every torrent exept any new torrents I have opened from websites and completed downloading.

the error is cannot open Z:\anime\torrent\test\ .torrent for every torrent.

and I have the options checked to save and move completed torrents to Z:\anime\torrents and thats where all my torrents are so why does utorrent keep looking in the Z:\anime\torrents\test folder for these torrents :(

originally posted in troubleshooting last week (unanswered so deleted today)

I was running the official 1.5 and it crashed for an unknown reason (I was reoganizing my hard drives/directory's on them)

so i had it send in the crash file "437-utorrent.8421.dmp" and restart which gave me an error (resume data is corrupt) when it restarted I had only 1 torrent of the 200+ in the list.

so I downloaded the newest beta I placed the beta in "D\program files\utorrent" where 1.5 had been and updated my shortcuts to match the new name and then I changed some settings in utorrent as so I unchecked store .torrents in "Z:\anime\torrents" and move .torrents to "Z:\anime\torrents" then I checked the load .torrents in "Z:\anime\torrents"

and then came a shock all the torrents loaded but were in the "D\program files\utorrent" folder and i thought "well thats ok i can move them later and point the torrents to the proper download location and recheck"

so I uncheck the load .torrent option and recheck the other two .torrent options widows had a bluescreen sometime later as I came home to the blue screen

so I restart and decide to restart utorrent and get a long list (I think it was all torrents) of error: can't open .torrent file D:\Program Files\utorrent\[*] "[*] is the name of each torrent" so I go looking in program files and there are no .torrent files all ~1000 torrents had been renamed to .torrent.loaded and so i try to point utorrent to "Z:\anime\torrents" and repete the above process and I messed it up badly cause i now have all my torrents even the original's renamed now to [*].torrent.loaded and i still have the error message about not being able to open any torrent

Oh and just a thought maybe the reason utorrent crashed in the first place was cause I moved the torrent folder from "W:\anime shared\torrents" to "Z:\anime\torrents" even tho I updated utorrent's preferences after copying and before deleting the "W:\anime shared\torrents" cause right after the crash was when I got the error message about resume.dat

windows 2000 SP4.5 (4 with the august rollup and all currant critical updates) on drive 1 partition 2

the reason I am moving my torrents around is I am in the process of removing my second of 4 drives to be replaced with a bigger drive/striped array

ok followup I found a renaming utility that is free

ckrn_108.exe at


and I have been able to rename all my torrents back to normal

but this sucks that I had to find a 3dr party utility just to do that and that utorrent wont open .torrent.loaded files even tho it renamed them at least please put a option in advanced options to disable this renaming or put the loaded torrents into a specifiable folder

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None of the options in Folders are retroactive. Neither will it move your torrents if you change the .torrent storage location.

And auto-load has to be a unique folder. Auto-load also copies the files into another folder, it doesn't use them again from that folder.

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