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Slow Speeds... need help


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I have been using utorrent on my college computer since March after I got fed up with Azureus. After a day of tinkering I got utorrent working perfectly. I brought my computer home and after fighting through problem after problem my overall speed never reaches above 50kbs on a 512kbs DSL modem. I have a green light because I opened ports in my modem and my firewall. I have uninstalled my firewall but I still have the same slow download speed. My windows firewall has never been on. My utorrent settings are all default. I'm not sure what a router is but I don't think I have one. I'm using utorrent 1.5 BETA, with WindowsXP pro SP2, with Zone Alarm 2005 (never had problems with it), with a Sprint (Embarq) 660 series DSL modem.

I have run into a wall. After being able to use the bittorrent at school I need it at home. Any help would be appreciated.

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