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Found Bug in "Set Download Location Function" ??!


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Hi guys,

i have detected a little Bug in the actual uTorrent release, when i want to use a the "Set Download location..." funtion for a not started torrent File, i can set the Harddrive and the Path, but, it looses the original Folder an puts the Files direct in the given Folder.

For example: Torrent not started!!

Torrent name is "Fedora CD1"

the Download Location of my torrent ist C:\Fedora CD1\cd1.img

now i want to reset the Download location to Harddrive D:\

it sets the the Files like this:


I hope you can see what i wanted to explain. The Fedora CD1 Folder was automatically created by the torrent, and if i now change the Download Location the folder is lost.

I hope you can help me with this Problem.

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