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Bleeding connection


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I've been using µtorrent for a while now and have had no problems, everything downloads as it should.

The only thing is that my isp seems to think im downloading twice as much as i actually am. And with a cap at 10GB thats annoying to say the least.

I know bt downloads some extra packets and some are faulty etc, but this cannot account for almost twice the original filesize being downloaded, can it? I mean, I dl something that should be around 4GB yet according to my isp's stats ive downloaded almost 8GB. Where is all this extra traffic coming from?

Anyone know what is going on here?

Thanks in advance.

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They may also be counting your upload bandwidth towards your monthly max...even though they officially state the bandwidth limit is DOWNLOAD limit.

It's a good idea if you have monthly bandwidth limits to set µTorrent's upload speed well below your connection's rated maximum -- maybe even only 25% of max. And possibly set the download max at only 60-80% as well. Otherwise, any time it exceeds the amount, your ISP may refuse to carry the traffic...but still count it against your monthly limit.

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