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Help! I have no idea what to do next!


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Hi I have only downloaded utorrent only recently, and this is my first torrent download so I was wondering if someone more experericened with the software could advise me?

Ok so here's the situation, I have set up a torrent to download and it say it is at 100% complete (download) and has automatically gone into seeding mode or whatever, now here's my problem

If I want to use the files I've downloaded how do I do, do I have to stop the seeding or what?

This may seem a stupid question but I was expecting some 'press finish' button or something (which obviously didn't happen) and since I have spent 3 days downloading this file I don't want to delete it or corrupt the files etc.... so what do I do? Do I just press the red stop button or is there some proceedure I don't know about?

Thank you for any help

Yours Tamir

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