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  1. Damn, I wish I woulda knew about Dos Dragon a few weeks ago. Comcast cut my upload speeds exactly in half (they did do better than RCN, they cut me off completely a few years ago). I just switched back to RCN. I dont think they throttle anymore, but I still use the 9000's port just in case.
  2. hell, I can tell without a doubt whose connected to me by looking at the torrent site peerlist and matching the %'s complete in my client and the site peerlist What exactly are u talking about legumo? And ty osmosis for pointing out the hypocrisy...lol As for 1.5 pretty soon there will be no more features to add. uTorrent has been complete for me since Everything since has been icing on the cake.
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    I was gonna say the same thing.. Everytime I see a new post I say "who still posting in this?" I just felt left out and had to add my 2 cents.
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    This is one of the best views I have read so far about open source vs. closed source. (if I typed too slow and someone posted between me yet again, I mean Odium's view) What he said about Bram getting the ball rolling on all these other clients is right on point. One reason open source is lacking is because of the support issues. Whats funny is that ALL problems I have ever had with ANY software I found the best help from forums, not the support ppl from the software maker. Thats the main thing with Windows vs. Linux in corporate America. Linux is cheaper, but the training and support is where the TCO (Im assuming it means Total Cost of Ownership) comes into play. Its silly to me tho. Free/low cost OS vs. Windows. See, to me the TCO will straighten itself out once companies helpdesk/ IT Depts get up to speed with Linux. I always laugh when I see those Microsoft ads about which is really cheaper. Of course Windows will be cheaper as far as support and training cuz its been around and embedded in society longer. But there should be nothing wrong with learning something new. To me, doing your job should be a constant learning experience anyway. Somewhat back on topic, Claria (formerly Gator, one of the originators of adware/spyware) has announced they are getting out of the adware business and putting their adware business model up for auction. And get this: they are also interested in content distribution. When they announced this, 180solutions and another company I cant remember right now (both adware/spyware companies) contacted Claria about their soon to be former business. =| See, some folks do wanna go straight, while some dont. We just need to give PeerFactor the benefit of the doubt in this matter. Like I said at Slyck, whats so great about this society is that we go by: =|"guilty until proven innocent"=| By the way, Im not a supporter for open or closed source. I just use what gets me from A to B the best. The ONLY reason I use Windows is cuz it just has more products made for it than Linux. (Like PS2 vs. Xbox back in their early days. I chose PS2 cuz it had more games, I couldnt give a rats ass about which had better grahics) Developers always target Windows first. Thats the ubiquity of Microsoft. ***Edit*** Again, I be posting too slow. I wouldnt have even posted half of this stuff if Ultima woulda been a lil faster...
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    Just so folks know, my handle there if nuffinnew. And Ultima, I forgot to put the sarcasm tags after my first post there . lol
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    Thank you. My thoughts exactly
  7. They have this "ratio hack" ban there. Without letting me explain myself, they assumed I was cheating cuz I had ratios of over 14.00, 6.00, 5.00 (cant remember the actual ratios, these are just examples) on some torrents I had loaded up in one day. By stopping the file(s) near completion, I was still listed at leecher, too. I guess it looked screwy to em, so they gave me the boot. Sometimes I dont like giving out this way to bypass ISP throttling cuz of me n my Oink experience. All I can say is use at ur own risk and use sparingly til u can find a better solution. But please dont use it at Oink unless u wanna get banned
  8. @Ultima: Alot of times when I try to help with troubleshooting, uTorrent be the first site listed....(listing the thread that someone wanted help with) lol
  9. I wasnt gonna post this, but someone else touched on the subject. Anyway: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=53793#p53793 Like I mentioned earlier, it got me banned from the pink pig. But that demon dude had no problem with it, as some other private sites. It still allowed me to upload, keep my ratio decent and contribute to the site til I was up n running normally again.
  10. Feature: Show a special message if utorrent crashes while NOD32 is active. Why for this specific AV? Dont other AV cause crashes? Just wondering why.......
  11. First I tried a port in the 2400's now I use 9301 and 9302. Been able to upload fine since last year. I did try upping my own torrent and it took forever for peers to connect. That was when I was using, tho. It might help to find out if RCN allows VOIP and which port it uses. They have their own land-line phone service, so they might see VOIP as the enemy.... **Update 2-7-06*** There is one way I discovered just messing around in my client settings to get around ISP issues. It only helps for downloading then seeding, not upping ur own stuff. It got me banned on the pink pig, so I may or may not discuss it here. Then again, most sites are not stuck up like the pink pig...lol that demon dude had no problem once I explained the situation. the pink pig wouldnt even let me explain. Oh well. Its not cheating, cuz u are doing actual uploading. But the pink pig has a ratio cheat ban thing going on. If caught (or in my case suspected of with no real evidence) cheating u get banned. I may just email the technique to Firon and see what he say. Its a common feature in many clients. I just used it a lil more specifically
  12. The upload speed decrease I reported earlier is gone. I was uploading at 70k. Then when using the latest beta with PEX and PHE (Enabled (all traffic))enabled, my speeds dropped down to 20-25k. Then they bounced around between 25k-50k. But it went back up to 70k after letting it run for about 5-15 min. Been running at 70k+ since midday yesterday. (70k is my upload cap that I set.) I havent tried the latest beta for testing download speeds yet.
  13. So far I noticed my upload speeds drop using either peer exchange and/or Protocol Encryption on a private tracker. I would only need protocol encryption for uploading my own torrents anyway so if this is a permanent side effect it's ok with me.
  14. Ty sir. I noticed the new title....u moving up in the world, huh... Also, whats a good recommendation on the PE options?
  15. Ok. We gonna need a lil explanation on the different Protocol Encryption options =D