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  1. Interesting that you don't find the fact of having to tweak fifteen (that's right, no less than 15!) settings only to have a "normal" program disturbing. 2.2.1 has so many fans because it's simple. It does one job and does it well: it downloads content from torrent files and magnet links. That's it. Luckily, that's the reason 99% of the people installing a torrent program does it. To handle torrent files. If all these other "features" in newer versions were opt-in, I would bite, but they're not. They're all activated by default, wasting resources for no good reason, even though 99% of the users never even look at them. And they're both resistant and resilient. You yourself have given proof of that. Just to disable ads, you have to follow instructions on a page (because it's too obscure for a normal user to figure out) and touch 15 different settings. That's horrible! But it gets even worse, because at least with the ads, after following those 15 steps, you succeed. There are other "features" that no matter what you do, they keep coming back. And yes, there are a lot of "security concerns" with older versions. Things that we're missing out. They have been saying that for years now. It's a tradeoff I'm willing to make. IMO, it's far better having a working system with a few potential holes than a secure but broken system. And it is broken. This is not a mass delusion. After years of having "stable" 3.x releases, they still haven't managed to iron out all the bugs they introduced when they switched from 2.x to 3.x. They keep adding more and more unwanted (or at least unnecessary) features, instead of focusing all their energy in guaranteeing the correct behavior of the main (and arguably, only important) feature: handling torrents.
  2. Could you try 26745? It's working fine now. Thanks, guys.
  3. Could you email me a dump file of the crash? My email is firon at utorrent dot com. Thanks! done.
  4. I'm running µTorrent 3.1.2 (build 26740) on WinXP SP3. It crashes every time I try to add a magnet link. I click a link from the browser, µTorrent is given focus and the "Add Torrent" dialog opens, then the crash happens. When the program reopens, if I add the Magnet Link again, it works. But only the first time. If I try a second time, all this process is repeated.
  5. This version has gone back to crashing when rating a torrent while removing it. 3.1.1 had the same problem in the first release, but it was later fixed. Here's the dump in case it's needed:
  6. --UPDATE The same torrent trashing for 6 hours moved to the old 2.2.1 was immediately reported as finished !?!? so.. data was always there' date=' hostage of uTorrent?[/quote'] I don't think you need to run it through 2.2.1 to get it to finish. When it started doing that, I just stopped it, forced a re-check and that was the end of it. But yeah, this bug is more than a mere annoyance and has no business existing in a RC, let alone RC9. Let's see if this new RC (9.5 or 10 or whatever) means something new on this front.
  7. Hmm… that doesn't happen to me (and I'm guessing anyone else since it would be too obvious and someone would have noticed it by now). Are you sure it's not a problem with the translation file? I suggest you change your language to English and check again. Well, you should always do this step anyway. Forcing others to read screenshots in our own language is not the best way to get help.
  8. µTorrent 3.1 (build 26519) - Windows XP SP3. If you decide to omit certain files in a torrent, when it finishes downloading and the state of the torrent changes to "Seeding," you can't see the torrent in the "Seeding" list of the sidebar. Instead, it appears when you choose to see the category "Downloading." In this image, it says that there are two torrents seeding, but only one is shown: Then here, it says that there are 11 torrents downloading (and those are shown correctly) but the list has 12 items since it includes the missing torrent from the other list. I just updated today, so I can say with certainty that this wasn't a problem in 3.0.
  9. Just posting what I see in the about dialog: I don't know if everyone else sees the newlines correctly or the characters \r\n but it should be looked into before final release.
  10. Wow… 24512 introduced more bugs than it fixed. Not only the tray icon bug did not get fixed but now also the tooltip is broken. Then we have the thing with the wrong paths. I hope they're planning on releasing a new build soon. Though, on second thought, I'd rather they do some basic testing first instead of releasing the first thing that comes out of the oven. Seriously, some of the bugs on this new build are incredibly easy to spot. So easy, in fact, that one wonders how could they possibly not see them before releasing the build.
  11. Hmmm… that doesn't happen to me. If I click on a multi-file torrent directly and choose "open containing folder" then yes, it goes to the parent folder (h:\torrents) in your example with \torrentfolder selected. But, if I'm doing this from one of the files in the "files" tab, then it opens \torrentfolder with the correct file selected. I don't see anything wrong here.
  12. Are you sure your settings are still the same as before? Maybe the number of connections is too high.
  13. yeah, yeah, right. We *airquotes* believe you. Anyway, go to: Preferences > Bandwith > Global Rate Limit Options There are 3 options, check the middle one. It should say something like "Apply limit to uTP connections" If that doesn't solve it, then you might want to give a full report of your problem with logs and all other necessary information in the troubleshooting section.
  14. @TorrentDaddy, I can confirm that it works fine in the 32-bit version.
  15. Hey guys, what's the deal with "2.2" and "2.2.1 beta"? 2.2 has a higher build number than 2.2.1 at the moment. Have the fixes from 2.2.1 made it to 2.2 already or are they going to be merged sometime in the future? What's the relation? I guess that what I'm asking is which is the version with most fixes?