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  1. then have a look in your dictionary. When something is good I'll say it the same way if I dislike something. I don't expect you to agree. I'm just writing to dev about my concerns. the interface was better before
  2. Show ≠ Minimize i won't go deep in vocabulary lessons
  3. When we unselect "Show Detailed Info F5". We expect it disappear and not minimized
  4. @Dev in futures release can you revert back to the version 2 UI when we unselect "Show Detailed Info F5". We want this bar gone and not minimized. It should be like this
  5. Firon, how can i block the creation of the following folders: Cache, apps, ie, dlimagecache ?
  6. I suggest you to remove ratings, app, plus, streaming feature...a clean utorrent like 2.2.1 and let the useless feature for another client
  7. Hi, I don't use any news features of version 3 like plus, app, stream... Because of all these bugs i plan to roll back to version 2.2.1. Is there any others advantage to use version 3 instead of v 2 ?
  8. RSS not working with the latest version. The list is empty and not updating. You fix something to break something. What happenned to utorrent team ?!!
  9. Yeah, I did this too for btapps.app_store and btapps.apps_channel. And I'm trying to avoid the creation of "apps" "cache" "ie" and "dlimagecache". This is how i spent my time with new release of utorrent, trying to disable useless things!
  10. Why the documentation is always out of date !!
  11. I don't like the idea of unchecking an option that in fact is actually closing the details area. If I unchecked it it is to make it disappear Since v3, utorrent is ruining his reputation with useless features! A lot of bugs for "stable release" It used to be a good software!
  12. Hi, I have unchecked "Show detailed info" in the options but I still get the narrow area at the bottom. Is there a way to hide this bar completely ?
  13. Since v3 utorrent is not what it used to be! too many useless features
  14. Hi, I have unchecked the detail info bar in the options but I still get the narrow area. Is there a way to hide this completely ?