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  1. krist0v

    WebUI v0.315

    A new build seems to be as much expected as a new Harry Potter book
  2. krist0v

    BEncode Editor

    Aaaargh, I guess I can stop working on my JAVA tool, as yours seems better than mine (no lovely and friendly GUI) ! Thanks for working on it anyway Chris
  3. Stable does not mean it won't need bug fixing anymore ... Personally, it means it won't crash, this is the minimum I'd expect µTorrent is really a great app, thx to all its contributors Chris
  4. krist0v

    WebUI v0.315

    Hi all ... First, I'd like to say a "Big Thank" to uTorrent devs, really good job ! So now, here is sthg I've noticed today when testing the latest WebUI package with uTorrent 1.7RC1 : in the active torrents tab, a torrent with status "seeding" (100% done) has the "Downloading" (blue) icon ... This (maybe, not sure) happened after torrent finished, as if the active tab did not notice the status change (this does not occur with already terminated ones) This is more a display than a functional issue, but I had to tell ya Chris