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  1. @ taba7 - I don't know what are you talking about... Link placed in this thread ( ) redirects to what you get is so try clearing you browser cache or use other browser to download this
  2. Is this a joke...? 1MB it's only in "compressed state" on HDD, when it's running in "uncompressed state", it takes more than 10-20MB RAM, mine 50MB for example But if you care about size, you can always use the original one made by Blackice (thread here). I modified this icon a little to get more versions of sizes as I also use it for torrent files associated with µTorrent (maindoc.ico) and for main program icon (main.ico). So if you want to use it only for tray icon (tray.ico), download the original. End of offtopic ;d Thanks for hearing my rant...
  3. hmm, odd I click on file name (this "tray.ico") an it starts download fine without any problems
  4. but it's .ICO file format, not .EXE...
  5. Please add this, it's also nice :cool: EDIT: adding screenshot how icon look like it have many icon sizes, from 16x16 to 512x512
  6. don't know why, but with each new version I see more bugs than less... @ rafi - remember this ? look, now you have screwed 'emoticon' ;d
  7. At least they fixed this annoying malware issue with antiviruses that's for sure...
  8. It also happens if you disable disk cache? If I remember correctly it was disabled by default due to Windows bug with disk overload. I got reply from Avira as I reported this file as false positive... Please look: We received the following archive files: File ID Filename Size (Byte) Result 27656850 160.91 KB OK A listing of files contained inside archives alongside their results can be found below: File ID Filename Size (Byte) Result 27654557 551305f2.vir 347.25 KB MALWARE Please find a detailed report concerning each individual sample below: Filename Result 551305f2.vir MALWARE The file '551305f2.vir' has been determined to be 'MALWARE'. Our analysts named the threat ADWARE/Bunndle.B. Detection is added to our virus definition file (VDF) starting with version A detailed description can be found on our web page:
  9. Already finished your moralfagging? Can we go to main topic? and please... we don't need here some fake troll semi-mods...
  10. I don't create a new thread, so your argument is invalidand now stop edify and making me look as bad guy here. as you are the only one offensive to me, looking on your previous post... Completely agree!That's why I reported it here, because not everyone will read all latest posts in other threads or use search function, especially when you don't have forum account.
  11. I care less about other posts in other threads. I didn't see it mentioned here, so that's why I posted here. and firstly this is not a non-issue any ideas when this will be changed from to as now µTorrent waste screen space... [bUG] Deleting selected torrents moves highlight on random torrents is still not fixed... same as [bUG] Scrolling the file list uses 100% CPU power of 1 core EDIT: also added magnet links in not started state don't have files selection when torrent is downloaded...
  12. ... and I hope it's only false positive
  13. Help file isn't properly extracted from downloaded "" after clicking "µTorrent Help" in "Help" menu. Also please update µTorrent Help File (.chm) in Videos & Guides under "Help" menu on the website.
  14. How about more ergonomic "Add New Torrent dialog prompt" :cool: WILL BE IS