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  1. Nope Firon, I have tried with serveral firewalls (Outpost, Comodo, Windows Firewall, Zonealarm, etc) and I have this CPU usage when the connection is between uTP. Nothing happend when the connection is TCP. I have a p4 at 1.7GHz and the CPU is almost 100% all the time when is connected to a uTP swarm, doesnt matters which firewall is.
  2. - Fix: uTP congestion control fix that might fix the CPU usage with the firewall?. I have that issue on 1.8.2 (when uTP is enabled and any firewall eat my CPU alive)
  3. I only hope in the next version there is a new encryption method/workaround/etc to avoid the ISP throttling the traffic. Doesnt matter if you are downloading a Linux Distro or OpenOffice or anything else, they filter the whole (torrent) traffic. Should be a new method, something to avoid this happend. EDIT btw, seems like this version is more stable than the previous
  4. Ciudad Internet Argentina should be added to the Bad ISP list. They are throttling the torrents traffic since 12:00 to 23:00 (max speed: 1KB/s). Doesnt matters if you have the Encryption ON, Lazy_Bitfield Enabled or if you use random ports (doesnt matter the range, it is filtered). Heh, the end is near.
  5. a new release. I dont know how stable can be something that has a new release every two days...
  6. I dont know what to say. Many ppl has banned this client (for their reasons). But I like it. There is an option (that is not listed on the FAQs and less in the final (?) changelog) that I like most. Bt.ban_threshold. For me this is the BEST feature that this version has. Probably I was heard. I really dont know, but this is THE feature I want. This is VERY useful when you have few seeders (5 or less) and for some weird reason the one that is seeding well always get banned after the 5 strike rule. With this that problem is solved and you dont waste a night/whole day/week with the client stopped and better you dont have to manually reset the bans or restart the client. Thanks for this feature!.
  7. Stan

    WebUI v0.315

    µTorrent 1.6.1 Build 482 Beta out (the same download link like the 1st post) no changelog
  8. Stan

    WebUI v0.315

    IMHO the FlashUI is by far better...
  9. Stan

    WebUI v0.315

    build 481 is out. There is not changelog. Working good
  10. Stan

    WebUI v0.315

    whats the difference between build 475 and 478
  11. Stan

    WebUI v0.315

    Finally the WebUI is out to public (like me) Im goint to test this one, Thanks!
  12. btw the FAQ should be updated (like explain how to Shutdown/hibernate when downloads complete). And the 1st post too. The about window say build 473
  13. I have the 473 from that location. Whats the changelog compared with the 472?
  14. Totally agree. and No, I dont like that proposed look