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  1. Alright, that confirms my suspicions.

    Indeed, µTorrent is known to send bad JSON for feeds with control characters (U+0000 to U+001F). I've made sure that the devs are aware of the issue, so now it really comes down to waiting for them to fix it on the backend.

  2. What's the error? And have you cleared the browser cache?

    Edit: I should further qualify... What is the error shown, and where do you see it? And for the one that's stopped on "Loading...", is there any error in the JavaScript console?

  3. @simonlant: Don't run WebUI in IE7 compatibility mode; it works perfectly well under native IE9 rendering mode (and IE8 as well if you don't like blurry text on IE9). I guess I'll look into the missing buttons issue anyway, but the weird vertical align issue isn't really worth the effort for me to fix.

    @master bob: If you're trying to use µTorrent skins with WebUI... they won't work without first being preprocessed and converted into a format compatible with WebUI.

    @Sarreq Teryx: Your settings appear to be corrupted. Here's your particular fix (for anyone else reading this looking for a solution to a similar startup error, this fix doesn't necessarily apply to you):

    0. What follows assumes you're following instructions on the machine running µTorrent

    1. In µTorrent, set Preferences > Advanced > webui.token_auth to false.

    2. Visit http://localhost:65124/gui/?action=setsetting&s=btapps.skin_url&v= to clear the corruption

    3. Reset webui.token_auth

    4. Reload WebUI

  4. @mazey: Dunno. That's a backend issue more than a frontend issue.

    @MaxP2P: Works for me. Meaning you're going to need to be more detailed as to what you're expecting to see, and what you actually see. And more than telling what version of uTorrent you're running, you're going to need to mention what version of WebUI you're on.

  5. I would like to ask your permission to display your uTorrent MiniUI through a 'webbrowser control' in the next version of my desktop application (uTorrent Regulator).

    I do not intend to modify anything in your miniui, so i guess this request may not have been necessary.

    No problem indeed.

    Also I would like to ask whether you are going to release the updated miniui (to work fully with uTorrent 3.0) any time soon? Or is it going to take a long time?


  6. @AlexDOM: Interesting... though I'm not really sure what CPU usage you're measuring. WebUI on your browser? What browser? And is this reproducible? I can only think of one change I recently made that has a possibility of decreasing CPU load ever so slightly, but I doubt it would really affect modern browsers much...

    @>ORG@niZM<: Fixed for the next update. Good thing I decided to rewrite the string loading code a bit last time to make this a simple 2-character fix.

  7. v0.382 (2011-05-28)

    + Feature: "Copy" menu item for RSS Feeds list

    + Feature: uTorrent Remote configuration (uTorrent 3.0 and newer only)

    ~ Change: Improved error reporting at startup

    ~ Change: Updated MooTools to v1.3.2

    * Fix: Listview doesn't apply filter if Shift key is held while typing

    * Fix: Listview doesn't properly unhide rows in some cases

    * Fix: Listview fires delete event when the user presses Delete on the filter

    I guess the most important change in this build would be the improved error reporting at startup... It should help in diagnosing why WebUI gets stuck on "Loading..." at startup.

    First post, as usual.

  8. I thought they send the whole .torrent file. If not - they should, at least in your case.

    That would be a bad idea. The entire .torrent file would include the user's unique tracker key. And I suspect that isn't emc's primary concern.

    emc's probably worried that since DHT is the primary method of transport for metainfo using magnet URIs, it's useless for private torrents (private trackers and DHT don't mix). To a large extent, he would be correct. As I understand it though, metainfo can be sent even without DHT, and trackers can be sent with the magnet URI as well. The problem is that it's useless for trackers that require these unique keys in tracker URLs to identify users, as users can't share private tracker URLs via magnet URI without exposing their key, or without the URI being useless for the receiving party.

  9. As I've said, it's still incomplete, so you can expect a few bugs/limitations right now. The most annoying issue lies with filter modification. Because the backend is somewhat broken by design, various options won't be set properly when you change them. Those who care to know the technical details can see this thread. Needless to say, I'm not interested in writing stupid logic in the frontend to work around stupid logic in the backend. So, you'll have to put up with it for now, but it'll magically fix itself whenever the backend is fixed. A workaround right now I suppose would be to disable every checkbox option for filters, hitting Apply, then enabling every option you actually do want to use, and then Apply again.


    I prefer not to have to bend my over my back to write code for stupid logic and/or an inconsistent/asymmetric API.

    I can easily fix this in the frontend, but if the backend developers decide they feel like adding a new option, I'll have to go back and touch code that really shouldn't be required to be touched if things were designed correctly. Sure, I'd have to add/fix it eventually if they changed the backend, but at least a proper design wouldn't break reliant applications in the interim (and currently, this design would).

  10. Or more likely, one of the feeds has characters that µTorrent isn't properly converting to JSON. There's a known bug with µTorrent where it leaves illegal characters in JSON strings, which breaks WebUI on the majority of browsers.

  11. Could be nice with layout like that torrent loader v1.5 uses. Torrent loader is dead now i'm sure for a few years, no activity at sourceforge.

    I've already had this discussion before. "BEncode Editor" is "BEncode Editor"; it isn't "Torrent Editor" or whatever-else editor.

    Can the meta structure be saved with abreviations extended. Or shown extended while editing to know what they all mean (s) (i) (d) and others.

    People asking what they mean haven't read the prerequisite documentation. This editor isn't meant to be taken lightly.

    Chokes a bit on a single core p3 1ghz, 1gb mem (download/uploader pc).

    I'm fairly certain I've squeezed out as much out of performance as possible given the nature of the codebase. Short of a complete rewrite, there isn't a whole lot I can do about it.

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