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  1. Is anyone still have problems with selecting multiple labels and right clicking unselects all of the ones previously selected, except the one that is right clicked on? This is not what is expected. I see this in both 2.2 and 3.0 betas.
  2. I noticed it appears the selecting of labels still does not work as it's supposed to, with both 2.2 and 3.0 current versions. Edit: Another thing I noticed, which does not seem to happen with the stable release. I get major disk overload activity. Almost always 100%. I did try and set the size to 256MB and 512MB, but that makes uTorrent freeze up and have to kill the process, but if I use the stable build, I can have it as defaulted to 128MB, with no problems, at all. Any ideas about this? When I set it to 512MB, the usage went upwards towards 1.3GB of RAM being used, which caused me to be around 25-30% of my 8GB used.
  3. Here is what I came up with across the 3 most recent builds of uTorrent: 2.0.3 - most recent stable build Read Cache - 11-13MB out of 13-14MB Write Cache - 19-20MB out of 32MB RAM - Physical - 60-75MB 2.2.20896 - most recent of this version Read Cache - 11-13MB out of 13-14MB Write Cache - 18-20MB out of 32MB RAM - Physical - 105-110MB 3.0.20905 - most recent of new builds Read Cache - 0MB out of (high disk activity reported by this build, no read) Write Cache - 34-35 out of 32MB (this seems like the issue, though not sure what to make of it) RAM - Physical - 285-305MB (and rising, with no downloading or uploading happening, just disk thrashing, not sure if that is the right word or not) From what I can tell, so far, and I do take into account that these are are alpha, betas and stable builds. The stable release seems to download and upload great (about 15Mbps/2.5Mbps), the 2.2 release seems to go mostly okay (about 7Mbps/800Kbps-1Mbps) and the 3.0 release doesn't seem to download anything. All of these installs have the same exact settings, nothing changed, added or removed, etc.
  4. I noticed that, I mentioned it flickering, like a bad refresh rate. Sadly, I only have 1 feed, so it shouldn't really be that bad, I would hope.
  5. I am not using apps, at least, not clicking on the tab and really hope there is, eventually, an option to remove the feature, as I like uT being a BT client, not an app client. That is just my take on it. As for the cache, it is the default setting, with it set to update cache, if needed. What I am curious of is why is my memory usage 30-60MB with 2.2 and 400+MB with 3.x with no other changes having been made?
  6. The selection still seems to be an issue for labels. Sometimes if I Ctrl+Click 2 labels, it acts as if I am doing Shift+Click. If I click Shirt and Select a label above the one I clicked, all labels down from the one I first clicked on are selected instead. Also, I see a flickering issue with this version when I load uT. Another thing I see is my DL/UL doing almost nothing even though my connection tests fine and I have not changed any settings when I updated to this build. The downloads are going at like 0.1-0.5kbps, when they go at about 200k, each, in the previous version. Edit: Almost forgot this build takes up about 400MB of memory, where as the previous builds only took up 40-60MB or memory. Again, no changes to configuration. For now, I shall go back to the previous build.
  7. I read, in this thread, someone saying there was a way to remove this, in the advanced settings. Is this not true? Just checking. I do wish I could change the color of the icons. Green is not my best color..lol.
  8. So, how do I disable the apps feature and any non-torrent based features?
  9. I just got prompted to update to this new beta build and though it looks cool, it seems to have the following issues: 1. All settings previously setup are ignored (have to setup all columns in main download window) 2. More importantly, I often Ctrl+Click multiple labels to see how they are doing together. With this new build, they are selected, as they should, but only the last of the labels is actually shown in the view. I had to go back to the previous build, due to this.
  10. If this is the case, it will be required to use 467 to continue to test the WebUI? Keep up the great work all fo you Edit: Oops I meant keep using 466.
  11. I would be intersted in testing out the WebUI. I use XP Pro SP2, have extensive software testing background and am a high end DL/UL, having 300-500 of each queed up at anyone time. This woudl seem like a perfect way to test out all the features.
  12. Okay, had a few minutes to test basic authentication, but I can't seem to get it to download anything? I verified my settings and such and have everything right? What could I possibly be doing wrong?
  13. Sorry for replying so late, but I decided to do a reformat over my weekend (Fri/Sat), but 391 did the same thing. When I ran utorrent under the fresh install (391) I had no problems. So all is well again
  14. I tried to run 390, no go, as it runs and is started, I can see it in Task Mgr, but never 'starts'. Any suggestions? I have reverted back to 389, in th mean time. Thanks again for a great product. And boy is it great to have my broadband back after 3 weeks of dial-up..lol
  15. Thanks, got the update and time to gest. Is there a time frame for some kind of RSS setup for the sites that are not public?
  16. The sites that I use require at least basic HTTP authentication. Is this being considered for future versions? This would be a topper to me As always great product.
  17. Okay, can you or someone else confirm the ability to use private RSS feeds. Thhanks
  18. Okay, I read through the notes and seems good overall. I decided to test our RSS and as it is not something that I am familiar with, I read through this section and am it appears taht we cannot use private RSS feeds, at this time. Is this correct? Most of the sites I choose to frequent are private. Is this being worked on or some workaround available now? Thanks all and keep up the great work. As an example dimeadozen sasy the following: Please note, that the feed is available for members only. You'll need a RSS reader which supports HTTP basic authentication.
  19. Not complaing just never thought to delete the title as if creating a new label. Never seen that before for removing a 'feature'. Would always rather that the features and keep the program 'low usage' than anything else and of course working well
  20. Thanx Rafi Edit: I had been looking for a 'Delete lable' option..lol. I wasn't thinking, he delete the title in new label. Not the way I am accustomed to changing/removing labels.
  21. As you said, I wish there was a search feature and also a way to move files within uTorrent, but I am not complaining. I do a lot of sorting by column and though uTorrent doesn't quite sort the say way i want labels work pretty well, most of the time. I have wondered is there a way to remove labels?
  22. I have to say that even though this is a relatively new project and there are some features I had become accustomed to, uTorrent has made me a much happier torrenter. I have about 1500 torrents, in different states of download, seeding, stopped and such and it's no contest uTorrent uses about 15% of the CPU, 20% of the memory that Azureus used. I would consistantly have Azureus using 65 to 95% and even quite often 100% of my overclocked 2800+ CPU and the memory situation was even worse. The average memory usage was around 500-800 Meg (yes Meg) of ram out of my one gig, which made it virtually impossible to do anything else when Azureus was in full swing. I know part of this is the Java backend, etal, but it got ridiculaus. This is a major improvement, to me. What a great product. I hope you will keep up the great work and I continue to tell everyone I know about this wonderful software. Keep it and if I could offer you a few shots of tequila, I would gladly do so. Thanks, K