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  1. Basil: As I recall, there was a change to the preferences file during the 1.7 beta which caused this error to show up. It's non-fatal and can be ignored safely.
  2. Yes! Confirmed! Appreciate the hard work. It's amazing how much of a multi-monitor snob you become the moment you've got them.
  3. A follow-up to my previous post, I'm having the same problem with µTorrent always starting up on the primary display on Vista Ultimate as well. This is with the current beta 1137 now.
  4. Here's a bug I just found. So far, none of the 1.7 betas are remembering to start up on my second monitor after manually moving the window there. They always start up on the primary monitor. 1.6 doesn't have this problem for me.
  5. Actually, the serial number on the outside of the box can be used to tell what version of G/GS you've got. From the DD-WRT Wiki:
  6. Exactly. Except if you notice in my posts, I never said that closed source was better than open source. Ever. I said that open source isn't automatically better because it's open source. Both methods have their merit. What I'm jumping all over you for is your blind open source fanaticism. Your quote above demonstrates that quite visibly. The very fact that you say "no way you'll convince me" means you're a zealot. And THAT is what's bad.
  7. What did I tell you about strawmen? You've got about 7 here, starting with OpenGL being better than DirectX. It ain't. Not anymore. Hasn't really been since the advent of DirectX 8, and it's certainly not with DirectX 9. Your argument also has nothing to do with open source versus closed source. Yeah, there's a winning argument. Open source is better because pirates use it for making warez! Please explain to me in detail how XVID is better than DIVX, without using piracy as an argument. Having actually made conversions of DVDs to AVIs for some time, I breathlessly await your response. Another argument that has nothing to do with open source. Your logic is running like this: 7-Zip supports more formats than WinRAR. 7-Zip is Open Source. e.g., Open Source is better. Um...HUH? Anyone else see that train derail? I don't hear you singing the praises of gzip compression, a fully open source compression algorithm used for years in the UNIX world. It doesn't support other formats at all. And I could go on and on about bad open source quality. I've seen a lot of slipshod projects out there. phpNuke anyone? Freaking security holes you can fly 747s through. You completely ignored what I said earlier, and are continuing on the Blind Open Source Zealotry bandwagon. AH-HA! Finally, the real reason for these misplaced rants. You're another person who's pissed because ludde made a deal with an ex-anti-p2p company which is trying to go straight, and just using the open source mantra as justification. Yet you continue to trust other closed source applications, as well as open source ones like Azureus, even though you yourself have said you're not a programmer. What's the difference here? Ah, ludde sold his DLL implementation of the BT protocol. I LOVE the righteous indignation of the slighted pirate. I'm gonna download porn and music and movies illegally but DON'T YOU DARE EVEN CONSIDER PUTTING SPYWARE IN MY PROGRAM BECAUSE THAT'S UNETHICAL! Do us a favor. Stop hiding behind open source's skirts on this one. You do a terrible job of arguing for it.
  8. I can do the same sort of analysis on a closed source program as well. Just because I can't see the source of the program doesn't mean I can't disassemble it, watch its open threads and handles, or log its network traffic. And what's to say that your professional friend doesn't make a mistake, or miss something in the code? Or that the programmer is really REALLY good and hides something bad where it is nearly impossible to find? All you're accomplishing is moving the trust model around. If you're not a programmer, you have to trust someone that is to confirm that the open source project is ok. That's no different from trusting the programmer of a closed source project. It ain't you, so you can't ever fully trust them no matter what you think. Anti-closed-source FUD, and a horrible analogy to boot. Just because you can read the contract doesn't mean you understand what the legalese means. And now you're back to trusting an outside party again. You've used uTorrent, so that means you're using Windows directly or via an emulator like WINE. My money's on directly. Windows is a closed source OS, yet you trust it enough to run it. And that's a much bigger risk than one small program. So you've already given up your point. If you're really this zealous about open source, you should be running Linux or a BSD or the like. Two final things. 1) Stop throwing around strawmen like that. 2) If Azureus works better for you then awesome. I've got no problems with that. I used Azureus for a long time before switching to uTorrent, and I've got a kick-ass machine with a gig of RAM. But take a few deep breaths and step off the "Open Source Will Save The World" soapbox. Open source projects are great and have a lot of uses. (Hell, I just went through the diffs on the new sendmail build today to see what the security fixes actually were, since Sendmail's advisory was so freaking vague.) But open source does not automatically equal quality. Open source does not automatically equal safety. And especially, open source does not automatically equal BETTER.
  9. I've never had any problems with my GSv3 and DD-WRT, but Firon's had significant performance problems so YMMV. Use whatever works the best for you and what you're most comfortable with.
  10. You don't want to. TCPIP.SYS gets updated for good reasons, usually because someone has found another remotely-exploitable vulnerability in the stack.
  11. See this thread, but in a nutshell whenever there's a MS patch which includes a new TCPIP.SYS, you have to reuse the EvID patch. TCPIP.SYS is completely replaced and not augmented, which is why it reverts back to the XP SP2-imposed 10 half-open connection limit.
  12. This is the correct way. The VPN and VOIP versions of the firmware give the router itself the ability to use those services. Two Linksyses with VPN DD-WRT installed can create a static permanent VPN tunnel between them. (Heck, there's even a possibility that the VPN version could connect to your work VPN, eliminating the need for your Cisco VPN client.) Having the Standard version won't impact your Cisco VPN or Skype, as the traffic just passes through the router.
  13. The mini firmware version is ok, but missing a few of the features that are in the standard (std) version. I'd recommend you use the standard version just in case but that's just me. The vpn and voip firmwares add those specific services on top of the standard firmware. If you're not going to use a VPN or VOIP stuff, don't worry about them.
  14. Just a note, sometime between beta 390 and 393 my Folder Options got messed around a bit. "Put new downloads in:" was selected but blank (where previously I had it set to a particular directory), and "Store .torrent files in:" had been turned on without me knowing it. Been trying to figure out where the copies of torrent files with .1 in their names had been coming from, and why right-click -> Remove and... -> Delete .torrent wasn't properly deleting the torrent files all the time.