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  1. Same here, it doesn't corrupt my torrent list and download state fortunately, so downgrading to 3.2.1 was successful. I allowed windows to send the crash dump, hopefully it made it.
  2. It's been 5 years since my last post, but before the 3.1 cycle ends, I was hoping for one feature: When opening a torrent with µTorrent, the torrent popup comes up before the status file is read and labels parsed out of it, so no or few labels show up in the popup. This only started with 3.0 and its asynchronous loading. It'd be very helpful if they either got dynamically added to the popup as they are parsed out, or delay the popup a couple of seconds to give the parser a chance to read the labels; otherwise I usually have to go back and add the torrent to the label manually after starting it. This is only an issue when the program is closed, of course. Adding a torrent when it's already opens works great. Thanks for keeping µTorrent going!
  3. Uncompressed exes are a license to people with a disassembler to crank out hacked versions to get around annoying things like semi-enforced fairness and truthful up/down reporting. Unless there's a pecompact unpacker I'm not aware of. (Then again many things can be done with memory patching, but not nearly as easily, elegantly, or permanently.) I bet that's one reason ludde chose pecompact over upx.
  4. Sorting date as a string column is just begging for problems, it should always use the internal timestamps. Imagine sorting "downloaded" or "uploaded" or "size" as a string, it doesn't make any more sense than that. [Edit: I should note that it already does sort the way it should, the reply was to rigolos.]
  5. Or how about your system time, which you can set in regional options, so that it's consistent with the rest of the system.
  6. That's why it would have to be no special extension, rather than .!ut. Bitcomet can go from .avi.bc!->.avi no problem without a hashcheck or anything, it recognizes the renamed files. I don't have experience with any others that rename files, but I'd imagine the same is true.
  7. Rather than user definable, how about just detecting other clients' extensions and renaming them? (For maximum compatibility they should probably be renamed to have no extension...)
  8. I missed the first link in the first post, I thought only the server-side scripts link had been posted.
  9. Hate to revive a thread, but maybe it'll respark discussion. Anyway, this is very similar to how Dijjer (also created by the bittorrent creator) works, except that with Dijjer it's more seamlessly integrated (no torrent files) but incompatible. Web seeding is a much simpler and more scalable way to enable permanent seeds than keeping clients running on servers, and more client support would definitely kick-start its use. The spec is simple and concise, though a tracker extension would also be useful: Of course there's no point in ut supporting the seeding side, just the client.