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  1. I also have double posts in the logger when running the speed test. Other than for me, everything else is running quite smoothly. I just need to work on my port forwarding, other than that, looking good from South Texas! har har har
  2. Well, my task manager for windows sp2 has the following: uTorrent.exe / 48,564K No lock-ups, no crashes, last version I had a couple of lockups but now nothing is happening, everything is as it should be... A small item to those running the Betas, if it acts flaky, don't uninstall and refuse to run it. Keep it going, as we saw w/ this version an update/patch whatever came out very quickly. We all need to keep documenting and posting our findings here, otherwise, what is the point in running the beta type series?
  3. Just looked at my uTorrent in my Vista box, it says: image Name: uTorrent.exe User Name: Mine CPU: 00 OR 01 Memory: 1,100,784 K (Private Working Set) Otherwise nothing significant to report; Everything is working great on my end (as ALWAYS)...
  4. Well, I can honestly say, that I try the p2p programs as they come out and each time, I go straight back to uTorrent wh? Its simple, its working, and its easy. I don't have to spend an hour going through menu options, its a clean interface and I am so glad that uTorrent is here! Thank you.
  5. my gawd it's full of stars... Works great, running Alpha and zero problems w/ a rather large torrent listing. Thank you!
  6. Thank You! I have been using uTorrent for years and the one thing that I find most refreshing is the lack of "Shove everything down ones throat" policy of most software. Frion and crew concentrates on the core and utilities the best overall tactics around. I keep asking myself "whats next". I am on the beta side and have been ever since I found out about it (not that hard or secret).. and I've not looked back. MSFT based software always makes me cringe and I am ALWAYS surprised and the 1000's of threads I see every single day about problems here, problems there. I cannot fathom why ppl are having so many issues. UTorrent works as advertised every time for me, no questions asked no bitches or complaints, it works period. I think that this is a great thread b/c even for my optimistic attitude towards uTorrent, I get depressed reading over over over the same problems, 99.9% of them can be resolved if for the love of ones deity they would just RTFM. I think we would see more "great"... I also know that negative reviews always generate more postings than positive reviews, so I honestly do try to come up w/ some type of "issue", but darnit Frion, I just can't. No matter how many times I can screw up my uTorrent, I can always return w/ a fresh copy (hey d/led from uTorrent, what a novel concept eh?) and start again, and as usual, it just works... frankly I'm getting concerned, WHY does it work so well? Why ME??? Are you singling me out? How come I can't get my firewall to say uTorrent is malware? PG2 block list? Everything freaking works... Nope, no complaints, not from me. In fact, I'm somewhat curious to know what is going on w/ the general direction of uTorrent? And maybe once a quarter or something the wonderful creators can come out w/ a general "vision" (oh gawd college is kicking in, sorry, drink more beer) and release it to the wild... I'm wondering what 3rd party apps are available for uTorrent? Plugins? Is this the future of uTorrent? Has anyone recently d/led Azurus? I can't freaking believe how HUGE that program is now and so MUCH WASTED CODING on CRAP. This right here is my why I love uTorrent. I can d/l a small file, get it up and running and for me, blam, it just works. I don't have gig's of wasted coding on petty imbeded vieo players, imbeded audio players, built in this built in that... So, Frion and et al, what is the general future of uTorrent. B/c I'm a believer and I'm a follower of this program. If you ever need a helping hand or some other type of "alpha tester", hell, I would consider it an honor to sign up for that! Anyway... thanks for a great program, now go make some improvements! Wait, darnit, they don't need too!!! har har har
  7. tomgarner


    Greetings, I've been reading the forums for several years now, and w/ each release comes great praise and great issues... the great issues, most of the time seem to be coming from ppl who are not d/ling / receiving their copy of uTorrent from uTorrents site and/or they are using some kind of mod hack... I just wanted to say that I've not had any issues w/ any release, I've actually been using uTorrent since way back, near its beginnings, and w/ each release, all I can say is... thanks! I know that over the years, many ppl have issues, many ppl don't read the forums, don't know how to search and are basically in an instantaneous i want scenario that well, just isn't going to happen... har har har Anyway, I have a 5 mbit connection; I have uTorrent set to 2 mbit (thus not using 100% and allowing the rest of my network to run smoothly)... every so often my wireless drops its connection, thus causing the great "no connection" issue, but hey, you know if you just tell microcrap to reset the wireless, everything starts back up and re-synchs smoothly... why am I using only 2 mbit? B/c I have other p2p apps running, my kids online gaming habit and my crazy 4/1 sharing rule that I've been using... I used to share 5:1, but dropped it down to 4:1. So, for those that are d/ling, ensure that you share your torrents, generally, I have several dozen torrents, I d/l a few and then share them until my 4:1 ratio is met. Once its met, I then move it over, review the file, make my tag adjustments, for video's, I have items that I check for and update... but for the most, I don't really change anything... thus preserving the torrent file status.. This is pretty much a useless rant, but I just wanted to let ppl know that I must be in the minority b/cc I do not have any issues w/ uTorrent, it works as advertised, seeding works, I absolutely love the new trackers tag listed (yea yea, its been there for a while..), but I'm now starting to USE it properly, removing dead trackers and ensuring that everything is functioning smoothly... Well, I just wanted to pass along that I am 100% satisfied, 100% able to use and have 0 issues w// uTorrent. Any "issues" can be traced back to my own tinkering around and/or my own stupidity and not those of uTorrent... So, thank you from the bottom of my usb 500-Gig hd's (several of them), that allow me to expand my television connection (b/c until Netflix is next-day delivery....) and thanks for expanding on my music collection for those brand new artists that use the web to share their music...thank you. Well... enjoy the day and thanks!