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  1. a bug leading to no dl : after more than thirty hours, there are more than six thousands nodes in dht ; connecting to peers fails via server, adding manually a peer still works...
  2. 28910 can now run under seven x64.
  3. "Bizarre", you said "bizarre", how bizarre it is... I discovered the bug via your post. privileges levels are very frustrating swigerries (specially under seven) , so maybe devs are trying a temporary solution.
  4. So' date=' how can you tell is it not a Vista related "magic"? ... [/quote'] Very easily, in deed, previous release was running under vista too !
  5. 28854 reacts magically ! 28830 could not connect to 110 seeds on a torrent on turbo411, only add peer manually could get another leecher with microtorrent 3.2.3... a major bug has found its solution... seven other torrents on this tracker get downloading now ! before they were constantly displaying "finding peers" Edit : downgraded OS from windows eight to windows vista (x86)
  6. I get flags, but never E ! unchecking "legacy connections" makes "E" reappear...
  7. not downloading does not mean all dl finished, but all dl rates below the threshold ( 1 KBps at default settings ) ; just one torrent downloads suddenly more than 1 KBps, you switch automatically to "downloading" mode ; this torrent decreases to 0.9 KBps, "not downloading" mode reappears...
  8. dht begins with no incoming and outgoing traffic ; it is a turbo-diesel feature !
  9. I tried out, and trackers appeared with all their connections (with my client ), dht server also...
  10. clicking OK button in settings causes a crash, then crash dump is not transmited to devs, as usual ...
  11. How can you whitelist such a client, not reporting clearly ?
  12. when utorrent 3.2.2 runs, memopal is unable to backup online ; utorrent shows 0 kbps ul as dl . Edit : reducing global max to 190 tames the beast !
  13. rtorrent reports "client : Unknown (%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00) "
  14. change your settings : "folders" : "save new dl to" = d;\téléchargement A HDD full is not a bug, so not the good forum, here...
  15. I did under a fresh install of seven x86 and a fresh install of eight x86 : crashes!!! I'm forced to think that maybe caused by an instruction from AMD set, under INTEL CPUS...
  16. I can reproduce that without any difficulty : I select "clients" thumb, then right-click on the ribbon below, where nothing is diplayed, and selecting "reset" : immediate crash ; I click on submit to developpers, then redoing the same crashes uTorrent every time. I'm quite convince devs use an instruction belonging to AMD set, and not present in INTEL instructions set : both seven x86 on PIV and seven x64 on L3426 behave the same...
  17. Another bug occuring since 1.8 : you highlight a torrent in "all torrent", then you select the view "uploading torrents", and your torrent is highlighted in grey : clicking on it turn it to blue ; you click on every thumb in the bottom, nothing listed ; in order to repair the view, you have to highlight another torrent, then again your favourite torrent, all thumbs "magically" function normally and display, if possible, what they are supposed to display. This bug is minor, but irritating from time to time.
  18. Add dialog box eradicate the torrent name, when choosing another path, replacing filename with "Download.*" ; very frustrating RC4...
  19. 3.3 fails hash-checking sometimes ; that could be the result of bad reading compress flag : pieces are transmitted using g-zip . the piece involved was #180 ; would be very surprised if piece number is relevant for that bug !
  20. I experienced all the peers got banned until for ever on one torrent, because hashcheck failed on the same piece on those peers… and 3.2 got the torrent fully, what'd else? some capuccino ?
  21. Big problem using test utility for bandwidth : test fails and no dl nor ul for a couple of hours ; thomson modem cable furnished by numericable seems to have a poor connectivity : I have to put global max = 50, or less to permit p2p for VirtuaGirlHD ; using Dsl connection from SFR, test works fine, and ul and dl recover quite soon ; stats give #connections : 135 immediately after testing under numericable with globalmax = 49, overriding, in fact... some debugging should be achieved ! pausing with scheduler allows test to succeed ; problem is modem congestion, overriding global max.
  22. build number reflects the date of release, nothing as modernity, relating to 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2 for instance !
  23. It's very curious : under seven x86 SP1, 3.3 runs twelve hours without crashing, only M$ reboots prevents it from running continuously, but under seven x64 SP1, it crashes before splash window ; does this behaviour remain related with folder "program file(x86)" used by micro-torrent, instead of "program file" under seven x86 SP1 ? I doubt wether it sends bug report or not... by the way, 3.3 seems less cpu consuming than 3.2 ; on my PIV 3.0 GHz, it's precious ! Dl rate drops down far much with 3.3 compare to 3.2 ; downloading from a Xirvik Rutorrent with 11MegaByte/Sec sustain rate!!! The problem is not the sources!!! Disabling bt_pulse reduces a little bit pumping phenomenom ; maybe under seven x64 would be unnoticeable, but it doesn't run for the moment.
  24. rafi, can't you be serious, one time every millenium ? I know that your network did not need this fix, but why do you want to deny the right to developers, of just doing their job ? Another thing to convince you : if you were the only person using microtorrent, you could only do one thing with it : playing tetris for hours!!! The fact that others than YOU can use properly their BitTorrent client allows YOU to download, and upload (very useful on most private trackers) files. I'm very surprised that you feel obliged to make people think you aren't aware of this... :cool:
  25. What were the conditions uT was losing connections? I didn't notice that maybe with cascading switches, or routers, such my case... take a look at picture in #586, you'll be edified.