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  1. I couldn't include this with my last post ... And still can't How do I remove attachments from OLD (2016) posts??
  2. Hi rafi Sorry, been busy - here's the Disc cache window as requested ... As for my other question which is now even more important ... I have downloaded your uTorrent with LAA flag but I have a concern about simply installing it. Will this recreate the utorrent directory (and so wipe all my current torrents)? Or does it simply replace uTorrent.exe and keep everything else the same? I worry as I had an 'update' that came through a few years ago and then caused problems for me activating torrent files. I had to downgrade to an earlier version and when I did it caused many of my completed torrents to restart from 0%. Last question (I hope) - for quite some time now I have not been able to get any sensible response from the uTorrent Setup Guide that tests bandwidth and network settings. That button (bottom right of window) will variously show green/yellow/red. I used to use it a lot to make sure that I actually had an active connection but now it never connects to a 'test location' and the Network test always fails with 'Port is not open' yet I can still download AND seed with no apparent problem. I have a set port which has access through my firewall (assuming I actually know what I'm doing ...) (I use Private Internet Access as my VPN and usually link through Toronto) Has the Setup Guide been discontinued but not removed? Or is it probably a wrinkle due to my system and settings? Thanks flashfletch100
  3. rafi - it's 46010 (32-bit) on x64 system
  4. Hi torrenters I have been using utorrent for 10+ years on a number of different installations (from win 7 to 10 - fully updated) and been really happy with it most of the time but recently (12 months or so) I have had odd things happening. I have nearly 1200 torrents that I am seeding and leave my system running constantly. I am now finding that randomly (from a few hours to a week or more, recently it has been much more frequent, hence my request for help) utorrent will stop responding and the only way I can get it back is to use Task Manager to stop it. Alternatively, when I come back to the computer after a period of inactivity it will either appear to wake up and allow me to open a window then freeze with the only option to do a hard restart, or I can't even get the system to wake with a half dozen or so mouse clicks and then a 'squeak' (buffer full??) and a hard restart. I can't even use crtl-alt-del to access the power option and do a restart/shutdown - they both hang. I am running the system now without utorrent and there appears to be no problem (but I will give it some more time to be sure) ... still no problem after 24 hours or so. Any suggestions? I have thought of simply uninstalling utorrent and reinstalling a fresh version, but I don't want to have to restart/stop 1200 torrents ... Edit: It also appears that there is some kind of memory leak with my current utorrent iteration. With utorrent running memory usage on my system climbs from ~50% to 75+% over two or three days (if my system remains usable for that long). Without utorrent running, memory usage has risen from 41% to 43% over the last 48 hours ... flashfletch100