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  1. As you can see ghita.silviu as many others have problems with the SUPPORTED versions. So you can keep your unusable supported version and i will keep my unsupported WORKING and USABLE one since it does all i need without bringing my PC to a crawl. It is just mind boggling how can ppl keep defending uTorrent when it is simply unusable with big torrents at high speeds!And how stubborn are the devs/staff that prefer releasing an unusable version instead of working around this "Windows cache bug". I just don't understand you guys.
  2. In search of usable uTorrent version because of this problem i got down to version 3.1.3 which is not "exposing" the Windows cache eating ram "bug" and I could finally USE uTorrent for big torrents and for longer times. And when i went to the Disk Cache settings under Advanced i think i understood why. In the 3.1.3 version there are the good old "Disable Windows caching for disk writes/reads" check boxes. In the next version 3.2(which i tested and was too exposing the Windows cache bug) those 2 options are no longer available! So maybe that is the reason for the huge RAM usage when downloading big torrents with latest versions(the windows cache bug). I tested all latest and first BUILDS of all VERSIONS of uTorrent(going from latest to older versions) down to latest build of 3.1.3 which is the last version without this Windows caching bug. I thought that those options were removed because uTorrent was using them(checked) by default from that version up. But as my research shows it seems that in post 3.1.3 versions either those options are not used at all or they ARE used,but something is messed up and its not working correctly or there are other changes made to uTorrent that are exposing the Windows cache bug. In any case as many users have already reported(including me),latest versions of uTorrent are simply NOT usable(unless you want your modern powerful PC to feel like a 10 year old bucket of bolts and nuts) when downloading big torrents or when running uTorrent for longer periods of time,because of this Windows cache bug that is somehow not exposed in 3.1.3 version,but it is in later versions. I would prefer a less perfect caching mechanism(if that is what is actually exposing the Windows cache bug in later versions),but having a usable uTorrent.But that is only my opinion. The only drawback to using 3.1.3 for me is that this version does not yet have the ability to download Magnet Links metadata during the add torrent dialog(which ofc eliminates the possibility to select which files to be downloaded before starting the job). But that is a very small price to pay for having a usable uTorrent,and im gladly paying it.
  3. That's because he was replying to norti I know.But before he edited his post it said kilara wrote: above the quote.That is why i told him that the quote is not mine so he could fix it-like he did.
  4. I am not.I was using 3.2.3 because of the upload bug.I decided to try 3.3 for a second time to see if they fixed the bug.So I am back to 3.2.3 again.I didn't say the thing you quoted.That quote is from the post before mine.
  5. I see that 3.3 "stable" still hasn't fixed the upload to only one peer per torrent problem.Changing between 3.2.3 and 3.3 executables can reproduce the problem 100%.When using 3.2.3 exe i see upload to multiple peers per torrent.As soon as i replace it with 3.3 exe i upload ONLY to one peer per torrent.In both cases i have settings at 60 upload slots per torrent.
  6. EDIT:Never mind.I thought i found a bug,but it turned out to be just a visual that got sorted after restarting client.
  7. Indeed those are the key fixes we need.
  8. @Mac as far as i know even if you deselected some text(or any other files) files,by downloading pieces for the other files some of the pieces have data not only for your selected files,but also for the files you deselected.That is why you see them as 100% in your files tab for the torrent.But if you have the diskio.use_partfile setting set to true the data for the deselected files is stored in a "~uTorrentPartFile_(random numbers and letters)" file in the download directory.This file is deleted when you delete the torrent from uTorrent.If you do not have the part file setting set to true the files you see as deselected,but 100% would then also be present in your download folder(since as i have explained the pieces you are downloading have data for more than one file per piece).So its neither false info from uTorrent,nor the deselected files are downloaded elsewhere.its just how it works.Its best to use the part file setting and don't mind the 100% for the deselected files in the Files tab on the torrent.Maybe it is a good idea if they make the % for the deselected files in the Files tab to be always 0%(since they are not selected you don't actually have those files in the end).I hope i helped you understand how it works.
  9. I am not currently using a 2.x version,but i liked the add torrent dialog of 2.x version.Namely the lack of the Name field which now forces us to always have a subfoler for the files in the torrent.I liked that in 2.x we could just manipulate the Full Path field to create/remove a subfolder for the files or just dump them in the root folder i choose.Here is more info on the issues i am having with the current add torrent method from my post in the 3.2.1 RC thread. PS:Btw there are some good examples in This thread by Athari.I am having exactly the same issues with the new add torrent method and Name Field.It just creates more work for me to move all the files from several torrents into the same folder since i can't download them all directly into the same folder and am forced to have subfolder for each torrent.
  10. I agree with hshh and rafi's design to let us chose if we want an auto subfolder or not.I was happy that before i could just manipulate the full path to whether put the torrent files in a subfolder or just dump them in the root folder i chose(which is sometimes needed).I think the Name filed should not interfere with the save path,but instead just be the name by which the torrent is displayed in your torrents list.Sometimes i am downloading same type files from several different torrents and want all the files to be in the same root folder.But since they are from different torrents i can't do that with the current versions because i am forced to chose a subfolder for all the torrents.I prefer the the way it worked in the 2.x builds(before the name field was introduced).Ofc i can workaround the current method by choosing a higher lvl root folder and choosing for name for all the torrents the same name(in order for all the files from the torrents to be saved in the same folder).But that will lead to multiple torrents with same names in my torrent list,which is messy and not a good solution too.I never understood the reason for the Name field in the first place.
  11. Something similar happens even in stable version.For example i delete a torrent and when it disappears from the list some other torrent gets selected and it shows its contents.This was not the case in earlier versions.And it gets weirder when removing multiple torrent at once.
  12. I still use uTorrent 2.2 build 23056 and when i check for updates i get "There is no new version available".Why i can't update to latest version?Are they still evaluated or something?
  13. It is not a bug.This indicates that those buttons can't be used(will have no effect) under the current circumstances. If you select a running torrent the Up,Down arrows,Start,Pause,Stop buttons will become active because they can manipulate the selected torrent.But if you have no torrents selected those buttons will not do anything if they are pressed so they are inactive untill you select something to manipulate with them. I hope you understood my long explanation.
  14. Anyone know what to set on bt.transp_disposition for TCP and UDP connections in 1.8.2?