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  1. Fast, light, stable (even in Windows8 x64). :cool:
  2. So what? IPs are mostly dynamic..
  3. I saw the following line in the log. It means forever for this torrent or forever generally? I'm asking because banning an IP forever is not really smart..
  4. UPnP suddennly stopped working. Any ideas? :/
  5. I have a serious problem with the last utorrent builds.. When the application is active for a few minutes, any other connection times out. That includes DNS requests which results in Server not found errors so i don't have internet at all. However, uTorrent keeps downloading.
  6. Bug from #58 still active. Crashing while adding torrent file. I confirm. Here's my dump: And' date=' by the way, sending dump in client failed again. Bloody HttpSendRequest Failed...[/quote'] +1
  7. Excuse me please but I thought we are who test it on the full spectrum of available OS' date=' aren't we? And [b']rivilis's answer tells me that our bug is not so OS-dependent... OK, I excuse you... And no, we suppose to run it on the *supported* OSes. Others are on your own risk... And I didn't say it is not a bug, just that the conditions/settings for it to occur is not fully understood yet. I have the issue and im on Windows 7 x64. Its not related to windows 8.
  8. If you need more details I do explain: 1. I start new .torrent file by double click. Options window appears. 2. I choose location for the file to download. File is single so no need to mark some parts. 3. I press "OK" button. µTorrent shows a kiss-off square window with polite proposals to close/relaunch µTorrent or send crash dump to developers (usually I preferred the last one before proved that dumps couldn't be sent). That's it. Exactly!
  9. The crash caused only when the confirmation window is active. If i disable the UI Options > Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent in advance mode the torrent works just fine and its a simple workaround until this crash is fixed
  10. I can confirm it crashes always by the time i click OK on the window that appears when adding a torrent (the popup window for download folder selection, label etc etc). Not touching any options, just by pressing OK.
  11. With the latest build i have an issue: When i select ~10 torrents in finished state and choose "Start" uTorrent hangs. This is not happening if i change the state of torrents one by one. Edit: No, its happening but not instantly.
  12. Any comment(s) about the hang people? uTorrent is unusuable right now..
  13. +1 This build is unstable, everytime i launch utorrent it hangs. To be more specific, the application crashes until resume.dat is deleted. The problem disappears when resume.dat is removed.
  14. These 2 numbers shouldn't be the same?