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  1. I use 2.0.2 in a Windows 2000 machine whose OS can not be upgraded. That's the latest 2.x installable that I had and 3.x don't install on Windows 2000.
  2. I am using this software for several years now. I had tried out few other torrent software earlier, but once I started with µTorrent, I never looked back. Though, there is not much of a difference between the two softwares, I prefer to use µTorrent client than the BitTorrent client (I have used both). I use it a lot both on Windows as well as on Android. Though I have used the Remote client in Android for a while, after the release of the native client that's the one I use for most of the downloads. Gives me my content where ever I am. Looking forward for all the exciting features the team would add in the Android edition. A big thanks to the team for putting together this wonderful software.