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  1. @bhvm: this program allows you to control uTorrent that resides on a computer via uTorrent Webui from a cell phone. @mr sharpoblunto: can you please check out my reply on the previous page and see if you can help me out with the problem once and for all.. I really appreciate your help up until now, but I still have not resolved anything. Thanks!!
  2. @Wolfgan: I just tried installing the jad/jar locally and got the same error ??? wtf @mr. sharpoblunto: do you have a copy of the jad file from v1.4 ? I was reading up about the 907 error and it said there could be missing information or incorrect parameters in the JAD file. When I was replacing the old jad file with the new one i downloaded and noticed it was larger than the new one. Before I realized I had already replaced the jad file.
  3. As far as I know I cannot install jar files locally on a blackberry. The alternative is making .cod/.alx files, which are file formats of applications that are use specifically for blackberry's in the Blackberry Desktop Manager. I don't know if there's an easy way to convert jar/jad to cod/alx, but maybe you can look into it (i'll do the same).
  4. two things: 1) I just tried installing v1.52 and i got the same error as above. (907 invalid jar) 2) I have logging for webui enabled and when I try to connect using mobile client, nothing gets logged. So I don't know. I've never used wireshark before, but i'll give it a try. any other ideas in the meantime?
  5. @Lord Alderaan: thanks for the useful information.
  6. although it's disabled, there is also a "NaN" value in the Guest account username field. So I just assumed it was a default value (for whatever reason). S I just figured it should be there. Like you said, something else must have screwed with it. EDIT: Although I do remember reading something in a thread about webui on this or another forum about a guy who said "NaN" kept automatically being entered in one or more of the webui preferences fields. Maybe it was the old version of uTorrent ??? Regardless, I've upgraded. (and the torrent site I go to still works, even though the FAQs specifically say only up to v1.6.1 is supported) EDIT 2: Ah... see I knew I wasn't going crazy: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=362425#p362425 (this thread)... post #148.. and post #149 says (and I quote): I guess I should have read more, but it was something to do with webui. I was using the legacy version before and I guess it kept the settings even after upgrading. But yes, it's all working now. Thanks for helping me troubleshoot.
  7. hey sharpoblunto... it's been a while but I'm persistent. I'm having two problems now. 1) I still cannot connect to my utorrent via the mobile client (annoying) 2) I cannot download the latest version of the mobile client. It detects the jar, detects all the title, author and version number and it seems to start installing the app on my BB Pearl. It gets to the end of the progress bar (looks like 100%) then it thinks for a bit and pops up this error: Now regarding my frist problem -- not being able to connect... I responded to your message but you never followed up. Enter that URL gives me a list of the items I have in uTorrent... like this: I x'ed out those number bc I have no idea if they are important or not. Btw, I'm using uTorrent v1.8 Build 11813 with the latest webui and I'm using mobile client v1.4 because I cannot download the latest version (1.51) because of the error I explained above. please help! Also, for the record, the error I receive in mobile client is: Note: Yes, it says corrent with a 'n'. I can access webui no problem from anywhere.
  8. I didn't enter "NaN", it was already there. ............................................... after removing NaN, it works.... wtf. That was there by default.
  9. @ultima: the "Restrict access to the following IPs" option is set to NaN @jewelisheaven: all of 'em.....IE 5, 5.5, 6 & 7, Firefox 2 & 3, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera... My Windows Firewall is disabled and I'm running Comodo Firewall, which is the only other thing I can think of that MAY be blocking access, but utorrent has full access rights, AND if I exit out of Comodo and try the webui, it still gives me the "invalid request". On top of that, if Comodo actually was blocking access, then I technically shouldn't have even gotten the "invalid request" error, it just shouldn't have loaded anything at all. To further emphasize that fact, comodo wouldn't block access from localhost or, only if I was accessing it from the external IP.
  10. I've tried: hxxp://localhost:myport/gui hxxp:// hxxp://my.external.ip:myport/gui all give me "invalid request" and no i don't have the "alternative port" option selected.
  11. That's besides the point of my original post... read below:
  12. one of my main reasons is that one of my main (private) torrent sites that I use only allows utorrent up to 1.6.1 (they won't say why). what is the oldest version that webui supports? Also, I just downloaded the latest version of uTorrent and the latest version of webui and I'm still getting "invalid request"... so any ideas now?
  13. is uTorrent v1.6.1 Build 490 supported in the legacy version of webui?? I keep getting "invalid request" !!! It worked several months ago, and I stopped using it for a while and now I need it again but it doesn't work anymore Any help??
  14. @sharpoblunto: Sorry for the late reply. It seems to list all my torrents' information in a comma separated continuous list. I'm still getting the error in utorrent mobile though.
  15. Hey sharpoblunto Thanks for adding the detailed errors in the new version. I installed it and I still cannot connect. Here is the error: Server not found Make sure the IP and port settings are correct Details: Java.io.EOFException null Btw. I'm using a dynamic DNS address and yes, it is the right IP and utorrent is running
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