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  1. I use 2.0.4 since 2 years on my seedbox because: - it has an updated help file, with detailed info about tweaking advanced settings - no useless bloat, and advanced settings that i can't find any info about tweaking anywhere - it doesn't disk overload like newer versions - it never crashed.
  2. icsterm

    µTorrent WebUI

    hmm, even tried resetting webui settings to default, same behaviour. anyone encounter same problem?
  3. icsterm

    µTorrent WebUI

    in chrome 19.x, my labels in webui don't align well: reseting the columns doesn't fix. is there any workaround?
  4. Is it normal to get abnormal latency pings with my network gw and any other location after enabling UTP in latest utorrent build? With UTP disabled i get like 11MB/s download, 3-4MB/s upload an ping is ~50ms. With UTP, speed is somehow small (10MB/s download, 2MB/s upload), but ping is 100ms+. Is that normal? My system is Vista Sp2.